Graphic design trends 2021 Once

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Graphic design trends 2021 Once

we have entered the new year, it is time to make our delivery with the best trends in graphic design in 2021. As every year, we cannot miss the evolution of graphic design, which changes little by little every year and a lot in one of each. So if you belong to the world of creative graphic design, this post is designed 100% for you. Do you want to know the best graphic design trends and improve the quality of your work? Well, stay with us. What are the graphic design trends for 2021? Currently, thanks to the development of different digital environments, graphic design is a field that is increasing its importance every day. Opportunities to fully exploit creativity are increasingly common, hence new trends emerge every year and radical changes are generated cell phone use in belize with each passing decade. Now, after extensive research by our team of designers, we’ve found the top 10 graphic design trends and are going to reveal them to you below. Top 10 graphic design trends Design maximalism This trend makes its appearance more strongly in this year 2021 and is the opposite of minimalism. And it is that unlike the rationalism of minimalism, maximalism shows very creative and explosive colors, with retro and futuristic designs. This type of design has as its main objective an aesthetic design characterized by excess. In other words. We are talking about two very different philosophies, one from the other, since minimalism endorses the saying “less is more”. In contrast, maximalism creates and endorses the premise “more is more.” So if your way of designing is not so orderly, the maximalist style is the one that suits you best. Maximalism. Design trend 2021 Maximalist Design by Tikkywow Muted color palettes It is one of the most popular graphic design trends, especially since last year. Yes, the year of the pandemic, and we can suspect that this popularity is not by mere chance and that it is due to the subdued colors.

During this year 2021 this use of colors will continue to be a trend. Putting it another way. The colors shown in the palettes are vivid colors that have been significantly reduced in intensity by adding black, white, or some other complementary color. That is, they are very beautiful colors, but they are calm and relaxed to the eye. Currently the graphics that show social networks, landing pages and other resources, manage to offer a better visual experience, more comfortable and safe thanks to these colors. And in case you hadn’t noticed, a well-known networking brand, such as LinkedIn, made a lot of use of these colors last year. Graphic design trends Pastel Colors for 2021 by Freepik Technodystopia This is a trend that acquired a great level of popularity last year and that aims to continue in vogue this year. Obviously, this trend is given by the current pandemic situation that began at the end of 2019 in China and is still present. So this trend can only be expected to have a big impact in the current year as well. The Technodystopia is characterized by showing designs that seem apocalyptic and many of these show a chaotic environment, gas masks, robots, androids, etc. It seems that it is a perfect style for the time we are living in and it will continue to be for the rest of this year. Graphic design trends 2021 Technodystopia by Andrea Yáñez Hutter Pie and bubble graphics Websites, pollsters and various companies, seek to present data in the simplest and most understandable way for all those who will see their results.

This is something very important, since as a graphic designer, your work must make anyone understand the data that they are visualizing through your design. In this case, the pie chart has proven to be a great resource to convey. Its simple way to recognize the results and see graphically their distribution or what piece of the cake certain products, groups or people take away. Such is the case that the renowned social network Twitter, which has been using graphics kind of cake to show your data to your users, which has been a complete success. And it’s all because almost anyone can understand a pie chart much easier than others. It is made so recognizable that people don’t even need to look at the numbers to get an idea of ​​how the total is being split. Although bubble charts Taiwan Database have also proven to be an excellent idea when you want to convey information and are comparing two or more elements. Bubble graphics Twitter Marketing Bubble Chart The fantastic surrealism Optical illusions, without a doubt, are one of the things that most enchant the human eye. So much so, that they are able to redirect our attention to them for long enough to make us see a promotion, a call to action, a product, advertisement, etc. Many believe that these kinds of images have been heavily tampered with by means of editing programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator.

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