Graphic Design Trends: Light Dark Color Schemes

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Graphic Design Trends: Light Dark Color Schemes

Trends in graphic design 2019: gradients 3D compositions The 3D is still present in all areas of creative visual industry is here to stay and now we continue looking for ways to implement it in graphic design. 3D compositions take us away from the beautiful minimalism of flat elements and take us into dystopian and futuristic environments. Graphic design trends: 3D compositions. Chocotoy Graphic design trends: 3D compositions. Chocotoy Example of 3D Santi Zorazaid Applied to typography, 3D achieves incredible effects that manage to give it presence and make it the true protagonist. 3D design trend Trends in graphic design: techniques Illustration about photography This technique is not new either, we already saw it last year, but of course it has not gone phone number in ecuador out of style and it seems that it will continue to be one of the trends in graphic design this 2019. It is about combining photography with illustration to achieve a final composition shocking: engaging and fun images that bring together the best of both disciplines. Graphic design trends: illustration on photographs More elaborate handmade illustrations Speaking of illustration … If in 2018 we saw patterns with simple handmade illustrations and even children’s illustrations everywhere , in 2019 this is going to change.

Handmade illustrations, but more dynamic and detailed , with a more elaborate and complex appearance, are being imposed among the trends in graphic design . These designs from a Mailchimp campaign last year are a clear example of the type of illustration that predominated in graphic design then, flat designs that combined very well with a minimalist aesthetic . Graphic design trends: handmade Mailchimp 2 illustrations The same brand has chosen this year to launch a campaign with more elaborate illustrations , so it would be another clear example of this trend: Graphic design trends: Handmade illustrations by mailchimp Glitch effect This effect is not new, but we are not going to see it disappear this year either. On the contrary, we believe that it is going to become one of the most popular graphic design trends in 2019 . Closely related to the color channel separation technique and the destroyed effect , glitch is a visual effect that reminds us of a faulty or damaged image or digital file error. A very curious result is achieved, which perhaps has the peculiarity of evoking both the past and the future. Depending on the application, it can be a vintage or futuristic effect, underground or avant-garde.

Glitch effect applied to Graphic Design Trends in graphic design: typography Typography as the protagonist Before we have emphasized the importance that color is gaining in graphic design this 2019, but we do not want to leave typography aside . Typography is the other great protagonist, and it is increasingly gaining ground in all kinds of designs. In addition, practically all the trends that we have discussed are applicable to design with typography. An example of this is the following composition, in which we have typography as the protagonist Taiwan Database and where the effect of explosion of bright colors and gradients is added : typography trends graphic design – Muokkaa studio Another example of typography as the protagonist in the composition would be the following, where the glitch effect has also been applied : Example of a Glitch typeface And these are the main trends in graphic design that we will see in 2019, we are looking forward to seeing them in all kinds of designs! In Idital, of course, we are going to apply the ones that we find most interesting. If you want, you can see our projects made here , and if you need a design service of any kind, get in touch with us !

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