History of the Logo: From Its Origin to the Present

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History of the Logo: From Its Origin to the Present

Are you ready to read the history of the logo? Can you imagine a life without them? It would be super weird! The logo is one of the most important elements of a brand. If it has come to acquire the relevance it has today, it is because it went through an incredible transformation that we will be telling you about little by little. But first, let’s review concepts super fast! In case you don’t know what a logo is, it is the graphic representation of a brand, company or organization to be and differentiated from other similar ones, as well as to give it value. Although the logo is not the only graphic sign that can identify a company or product. There are other symbols: Logo : Composed of text Isotype : Made up of a graphic symbol Imagotype : Composed of text + graphic symbol. Isologo.

A Legacy: Graphic Arts in Antiquity Many inventions began with a different use than the one they eventually came to have. Of course, in many cases, they have gone through different processes. Such is the case of the language of the blind, which was originally a nocturnal language; or the rubik’s cube, which served as a teaching tool for architecture. In this case, what we currently know as brand logos began as signs and artistic pieces , and later took the form of writing and shields. If we go back Armenia Phone Number the year 70,000 a. C. and 7,000 a. C, we can see that, from primitive peoples , the painting of animal figures in caves. Later, ceramics were painted, aesthetically communicating cultural, sociopolitical, and religious information. However, the graphic arts that contributed the most to the history of the logo and that are the most recognized are hieroglyphs, coins and shields.

Hieroglyphs, Coins and Shields.

Hieroglyphics This form of writing is the oldest known and comes from Egypt. Each of them represented a word or a sound, using figures such as animals, objects and people. The Egyptians also made paintings and sculptures that included images and symbolic colors. What was in the year 4000 a. C. left a great legacy today. Several brands, in their logo design, also use in their logo design, icons representing known elements and that connect to their history. In addition, the meaning of each color is taken into account for its conceptualization. This civilization evolved over time, to the point of also including grids for their designs in order to guide proportions within a piece. In the history of the logo, this part is key since the first criteria of space in graphic art begin to be noticed. hieroglyph history logo An Egyptian hieroglyph. Photo: Dezalb (Pixabay).

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Which indicate the names of cities, issuers, engravers and authority figures. Hence the custom of royal families to personalize envelopes and items of clothing with monograms. That had the initials of a monarch. Currently, we can see a lot of this in clothing logos. And other products in the beauty segment. coins history logo Coins of Ancient Greece. Photo: Pinterest Shields To understand the history of the logo, we have to mention the shields. The first versions of the logos are said to have in the Middle Ages (around 1300 AD) in medieval Europe, through heraldic shields that mainly the identification of an army. Although it also assigned a meaning and identification in aspects such as the family, the nobility and the kingdom. On the other hand, there were also some that showed the most practical functions such as assigning an action or a place.

A Legacy: Graphic Arts in Antiquity

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