How a subscriber can react when you make a mailing

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How a subscriber can react when you make a mailing

Subscribers to a blog can have very different reactions when they receive a mailing. I will give you a summary of my experience of the last 10 years. I have already seen a lot but surely not everything when we talk about possible reactions from readers when making a mailing. Even after years there are things that surprise you both positively and negatively. Readers Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List photo rights In this context my phrase “if you don’t have a blog, nothing happens, if you do, something happens.” The other day they proposed to me so imagine . But hey, let’s go back to the essentials of the post. These are possible reactions from subscribers when making a mailing .

You read well. The vast majority will do absolutely nothing. Not because they don’t like it but rather because the great gray mass on the internet are passive consumers. They do not participate, they do not generate, they do not provide content or feedback . You who are reading these lines are possibly one of them .

1-3% will leave a comment on the blog As long as you like the content, you will be able to generate a lot of comments. 1-3% of people signed up is even quite optimistic. Everything will depend on your ability to activate the community behind your personal blog. Getting comments when you still have low subscribers and traffic is more difficult. In this post I give you some clues on the matter.0.1-0.5% will be removed from the list You will not be able to avoid it. Even content where you give away 50 euro bills will generate casualties because people are like that. There are things that interest us today and tomorrow they stop doing it. There are various reasons why a user unsubscribes as a subscriber . In my case, a mailing can cause between 5-10 casualties but there is usually also a specific increase that compensates for it. The reason behind is that the post receives massive traffic which makes it more shared on social networks or even because the subscriber forwards it by e-mail to other people who may be interested in the content.Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List

0.01-0.05% complain and mark you as spam
The funny thing about some subscribers is that they don’t remember the blogs they subscribe to. Therefore I usually have in my mailings between 0-2 complaints that even mark me as spam . This ratio increases if you also use a free email for your email marketing according to a post on the blog of the email marketing tool Taiwan Database . This ratio can increase if you offer something commercial. Remember that a good ratio between value added mailings and those where you offer something for sale is 1 to 4 or 5. This means that for a commercial email you send 4 or 5 where you simply share valuable content. The reactions are very diverse. Do not be surprised or angry because there will be everything. Be clear that you can never please everyone and less for everyone .

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