How do I get creative when I need it?

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How do I get creative when I need it?

The vast majority of people I know have a different concept of creativity than mine. It is not a characteristic of a person but rather a state of mind. “It’s just that I’m not creative.” “I never have good ideas.” With this false belief, many of us conform and take it as an excuse to let others take care of tasks that have to do with creativity. be creative Adobe Stock photo rights Almost all my life these types of tasks have ultimately fallen on me because those who know me know that my head does not stop turning over many issues. Although it sounds strange, I like to think and it brings me happiness to continually generate ideas. I could not explain to you either Austria Business Phone List the why behind it, it just is like that. Why am I more creative than average (or so I think)
Creativity has nothing to do with intelligence. I do not know if there are studies that show that it is related but I doubt it. I like to think that I am not the clumsiest person in the world but I am far from having an intellect that matches Einstein’s little brother. Still I realize that being creative is not a problem for me. It has to do with these things that the vast majority are supported by studies but do not expect me now to cite them all.;)

I get enough rest despite getting up every day at 6 in the morning. There is a “trick” and it is to go to bed early. In me, I am almost always rubbing at around 10.30 am.
I practice sports 6 to 7 days a week. I like to “suffer” physically from the sweet feeling of having overcome your own weakness. It also allows you to have a clear head.
I learn new things every day. You don’t always have to read books. In my case, I have not made the effort to pick up a book and take 15-20 minutes to study it. I do it through YouTube videos where I learn about nutrition, exercise, mental health, business, education, etc. I consider myself to be creative. The way I see myself is closely related to creativity. I see that it is not difficult for me to be creative when I need it, so I take it for granted that I will find a solution even if I do not have it yet.
If the center of creativity is your brain and we compare it to a car engine, you have to keep it moving continuously, take it to the workshop every 6 months for check-ups and fill it with enough gas so that it can go full throttle.Austria Business Phone List

Get creative instantly – these are my tips
It is clear that what works for me does not have to serve you in the same way. Possibly one of the most important points is to consider yourself a creative person . Generating ideas begins with having the confidence of having that capacity and I am convinced that any of us have it. In my case, it is not difficult for me to be creative instantly. I have about 3,000 blog posts and 99% of post ideas come up 2 minutes before I start writing them. I don’t have any content plan. In the morning when I wake up I don’t usually know what I’m going to write 45 minutes later. This is my morning creative ritual when writing a post.

I wake up, turn off the alarm clock on my phone and immediately turn it off again so as not to be tempted to distract my brain with the latest sales statistics on Amazon, social networks or other topics that do not encourage creativity.
When I have breakfast I watch a video on Youtube. It may be a person that I have started to follow. Yesterday I learned about body language today I have been with a TED video related to mental health. They are little pills of knowledge that generate new connection points that in unknown ways today can generate a new idea tomorrow.
Before writing I wear headphones with concentration music. It’s not really music, it’s more like sounds but when I listen to it I have the feeling that my brain starts to accelerate and I enter a kind of flow state . I have a very limited time (30-40 minutes) to write the entry so I cannot allow distractions. If I do not get the entrance in this hole, it will be difficult Taiwan Database to achieve it during the rest of the day.
My main conclusion is this. I can be creative because being creative doesn’t always mean having brilliant ideas. Many of my entries are worse, some mediocre and still some very good. I’m not worried about what you might think about me when I make a spelling mistake, but what I have clear is that it will not stop me from getting a post every day. It is my lifestyle, it is a definition of who I am, there are no alternatives to not generating a new idea every day. When you have no choice to be creative, you are. I’ll keep telling you.

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