How do you get to be remembered? Corporate identity is generated over time

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How do you get to be remembered? Corporate identity is generated over time

Therefore, another very important point is repetition. Through repetition we provoke the memory of identity in the minds of our clients and potential clients. Repetition can be achieved through advertising, merchandising, advertisements, social media, web page design , etc. Because it is a time-consuming process, the value of visuals must be taken into account. The repetition of the corporate elements of a company that has a weak or complicated german phonenumbers corporate identification is not going to have the same results as a company with a very defined and distinguished logo. For this reason, it is very important to have a clear corporate identity that transmits the values ​​of the company. Creation of a corporate manual A logo or brand image may vary depending on the media on which it is to be reproduced. The logo on a light background is not represented in the same way as on a dark background. Hence the importance of a corporate manual. Each company must have a corporate identity manual.

It consists of a dossier in which all the specific guidelines and guidelines that a brand must follow when projected or reproduced on any type of platform and format are established. What does a corporate manual contain? Formats and dimensions: The manual provides information on the possible applications and uses of the logo and, to avoid distortion of the logo, established dimensions and the correct formats are implemented. Corporate colors and alternative hues on backgrounds: Colors are probably the most powerful form of non-verbal communication that can be applied in the logo, so we indicate the specific colors of the brand. To prevent a logo from merging with a background, recommendations for alternative shades are indicated. Corporate and secondary typeface to be used. Incorrect uses of the logo on photographs, on colored backgrounds or application.

Merchandising The corporate identity manual must include a section in which, in an imaginative and attractive way, it reflects possible advertising media to promote the company. Thanks to these elements, the effect of empathizing with the receiver is prolonged, because they impact and you can even carry this product with you, whether on a T-shirt, a USB stick, a balloon, a mobile phone case … The intention of these products is to capture the attention Taiwan Database and provoke a memory in the customer. Merchandising also refers to all personalized office supplies that the company can work with (stationery, letter paper, envelopes, invoices, delivery notes, business cards, posters …) and that it will distribute to clients and / or future clients. customers.

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