How do you know if a blogger is popular?

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How do you know if a blogger is popular?


Are you a popular blogger and still not aware of it? Take a look at these metrics and tell me if I’ve missed any to find out. Just yesterday I got this question from a reader through a comment. Especially for people who are looking for contact with bloggers, it can be interesting to be able to differentiate. How can I tell if a blogger is really popular? popular Egypt Phone Number List photo rights When you have been moving within a certain niche for a long time, it can be relatively easy to know how to name at least 3 reference people within that topic. When you are starting or have to do that work as an agency for a client it can be much more complicated. I present you some indicators by which I usually guide myself when I find myself in that situation.

Number of followers in social networks
Size does not matter but can sometimes be a good indicator. You have to be a little careful with this metric because it can be manipulated very easily. Instead of looking only at the number of followers, it is good to analyze especially the interactions . Facebook, for example, allows a very quick analysis in this regard. When the blogger publishes something there should be a minimum number of interactions in relation to the followers he has. Take a moment to visit La Criatura Creativa’s page to get an idea of ​​what a good level of engagement could be . It is difficult to say from how many fans, how many followers on Twitter, etc. This is a relevant blogger. Despite giving greater weight to the volume of interactions generated, we could say that from 4 figures there is a certain probability that this blogger is well positioned. Then it is clear that we must also look at the theme. For fashion bloggers this would start from 5 figures.

Therefore, not everyone has the same affinity for each channel. There may be bloggers who have fewer followers on Twitter but quite a few more on Facebook or Instagram. In few occasions the different social networks are equally strong. In most cases, a platform dominates above all, which is the one that the blogger masters best because it is the one they like the most. So in general you have to look for a channel where there is a large number of followers mixed with a high level of interaction . Number of comments on the blog Another good indicator is usually the number of comments received. This means 2 things: Egypt Phone Number List

The blogger is able to activate and connect with his community . Your readers frequently comment because they like the blogger’s content. It is quite likely that your contact list is high (in general, the content is disseminated through the subscriber list).
Once again, popularity is not only measured by size but above all by connection capacity. If both factors come together it is perfect. In my case, I also always receive a higher number of comments to those contents where I send a post (I usually do it for 1-3 posts once a month). This Monday I made a mailing to the 200 subscribers of Taiwan Database . Despite being a new blog, it has already received comments . Google searches Another good indicator can be mentions in other blogs. I usually do this type of search to see if it is a blogger that stands out: Ranking in Alexa When I talk to people who are starting in this world, the Alexa ranking as a traffic indicator for a website tends to fall on many occasions. It is not the best metric because it is the one that can really be manipulated very easily .

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