How does FUD affect a blogger and how to respond to it

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How does FUD affect a blogger and how to respond to it

A visitor may have many questions when they first visit a site. It depends on the blogger’s ability to respond to them if you want to make him a reader. “FUD what …?” some will say now. Yes, you have understood me correctly. I recently explained to you what the FUD is and where it came from. To prevent this from becoming an uncomfortable situation for both of us, I’ll give you 3 minutes to read the post and come back here when you’re ready (or ready) … Reader Nepal Phone Number List photo rights

Well, everything clear? The thing from before was a joke. I do not take it badly that you do not read all my posts. I understand it perfectly because I don’t either. I have enough with writing them. About the FUD or MID you only have to keep one thing. Fear, uncertainty and doubts always arise when a person faces something new: in this case your blog. It is not personal. The human being is programmed like this. It is an instinct that has helped us survive and get here. What are the questions that arise when a reader accesses a blog for the first time? I would like to hear aloud from time to time what goes into the head of a visitor who accesses my blog for the first time. Or maybe not, you know. What is clear that in most cases the same frequently asked questions always arise.

Who are you to write on this subject with criteria? I am a beginner. How can I start your blog from scratch? I have a question. How can I contact you? I liked it. Where can I find more articles on the subject? It’s not exactly what I need to know. Can I access the rest of your content? Where did you get the Fotolia photo from? The last question is not serious but you would be surprised how many times they ask me about it. How to answer a visitor’s frequently asked questions on a blog Before having heard of FUD ( fear , uncertainty and doubt ) I had never considered that this concept could also be applied to the world of blogging. If you look at the possible questions that arise, it is common sense. Gaining the confidence of the visitor is the most important thing when it comes to converting them into a reader . This goes beyond answering the typical frequently asked questions on the blog. Some of the things that I would consider as a blogger (I include myself in the group because many of them do not have them either):Nepal Phone Number List

Include an FAQ section in a prominent part of the blog. The reader receives a faster response and you, as a blogger, avoid having to manage emails about topics that you have already dealt with. Well, let’s say you take off some of your work because it is true that many visitors will not see it even if you link it with a giant orange banner. Add testimonials from existing readers . It’s something I’ve never seen on a blog. In an online store it is an essential element but a “normal” blog is not usually done. The question is why. If trust is so important why don’t we let some of our readers speak for us to achieve greater credibility . Create a section dedicated to the beginners of a topic : a reader who begins to navigate a blog for the first time may be totally lost at first. If you are also a beginner within the subject, the thing is going to do. Berto from Taiwan Database  has solved it quite elegantly. It is about taking the reader by the hand and guiding him to the content he needs to have a basic understanding of the subject. You don’t just have to earn trust when it comes to selling something in an online store. There are previous steps that can be practiced in a fantastic way on a blog. A web user is afraid of wasting his time with content or a web that does not contribute anything. If you make it comfortable for him, you will have the possibility of earning points and with a bit of luck finding a small hole in his little heart. So to-dos pointed out. I have also taken note …;)

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