How does Google evaluate Core Web Vitals ? In order to evaluate the status of your CWVs

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How does Google evaluate Core Web Vitals ? In order to evaluate the status of your CWVs

Google assigns values ​​to each of these metrics on your website, in any of the three cases (LCP, FID, CLS), the categories can be the following: Well. Needs improvement. Poor. So, in each case, you should make sure that the Core Web Vitals on your page fall into the “Good” category. Thanks to this, you will be able to achieve the best results in terms of positioning in the page experience user update. And what is it to be in the “good” category and what is it to be in the other categories? Classification of the LCP, FID and CLS Now we will see what it is for Google to have these metrics well optimized. Largest Contenful Paint (LCP) For the LCP, Google has determined that to be in the “good” category, it must last less than 2.5 seconds. If it lasts more than 2.5 seconds, the systems brazil telephone of this search engine will classify it as “needs improvement”. If it lasts more than 4 seconds, it really needs to improve, and that is why it will be classified as “poor”. First Input Delay (FID) For the FID, Google’s algorithm rates it “good” if it lasts less than 100 milliseconds. Now, if this metric lasts between 100 and 300 milliseconds it will be classified as “needs improvement”. And, if it lasts longer than 300 milliseconds, that is already rated “bad . ” In addition to that you will enter the red Google box. Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) In the case of CLS, scoring and ranking are awarded based on the following criteria: Less than 0.1 is considered “good”. Less than 0.25 is classified as “needs improvement”. More than 0.25 is categorized as “poor”. How do you know what your Core Web Vitals are ? Before making any configuration regarding your CWVs, you have to know what status or classification they are in. So you will have to make sure you get a report where you can observe the status of these metrics.

Although you can also use tools that are used to measure the loading speed of websites, such as the following: The Chrome Developer Console. Web Page Test. Pingdom . But if you are not a developer, it could be easier for you to use Google Page Speed ​​Insights , since just by going to the page and indicating the URL of the web you will be able to get the Core Web Vitals metrics that will be important in the page experience user, as well as the values ​​of other metrics. And what can you do to improve these metrics? In this case, if you want to improve the score of your CWV metrics, and therefore get ahead of the page experience update, you will have to hire a developer who can make the necessary changes for you. However, you also have other options, some not so complicated that you can do without the need to be an expert developer. How to easily improve LCP, FID and CLS metrics? There are multiple ways to improve these metrics and make your page more popular with Google. Improve the LCP In the case of the LCP, you only have to reduce the number of elements that are displayed at the top of the page , leaving only the most important ones, that is, only those that may be of interest to the user who visits said website. To do this, select the content that can best help your visitors, solve their problems, needs and other elements that may be of interest. And also, that there are not very heavy and unnecessary elements. Improve FID In the case of the FID, it is best to take care of reducing the following aspects: The impact of external codes . Because if many actions are performed at the same time, they are likely to be slower.

The JavaScript runtime . Here you will have to make sure to eradicate what is not essential and only send the necessary code. The load of the main thread . In the event that the main thread cannot process all its load, try reducing the complexity in the layouts , and in the same way in the styles of your web page. Transfer size . Making very large and heavy transfers can cause your page to react slowly , so it’s a great idea to keep your transfer sizes low. Improve CLS How can you greatly improve the CLS of your site? First of all, it is essential that you make sure that all elements have the correct size attributes and dimensions . So if each item has a dedicated space before loading, no unexpected movements should be observed. Although you should keep in mind that some animations can cause changes in the layout of your website , so it is a good idea to limit them if they start to cause problems. Conclution As you have seen throughout this post, the Page Experience Taiwan Database Update and Core Web Vitals is Google’s new measure to offer its users a better experience when using its services. Therefore, website owners must configure and adapt their pages to the new requirements demanded by the Google algorithm , only if they really need it. With the aim that the SEO positioning of your site remains intact or even improves its position in the search results , since with the passage of time the metrics that we have seen will have more importance. We hope that the information presented in this article will be of great help to the SEO of your website and see you in the next installment.

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