How optimizing your website improves

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How optimizing your website improves

SEO Web Performance Optimization Web Performance Optimization or WPO (“Web Performance Optimization”) consists of a series of techniques to speed up the operation of a website in order to improve usability and user experience . It offers many benefits, including a higher conversion rate , higher number of visits, better search engine ranking ( SEO improvement ), and even lower cost of server bandwidth. These factors are especially finland phone number lookup important considering the rise of mobile connections. To further emphasize web performance optimization, we are currently establishing a type of performance culture that incorporates different teams responsible for developing a website. Why should we care about web optimization? People hate waiting, whether it’s long lines at the supermarket or poor web performance. Google doesn’t like to wait either. Especially with regard to the latter, every fraction of a second counts. The benefits of web performance optimization regarding factors such as conversion rate , sales, page views, search engine rankings, and others should not be underestimated.

The WPO is part of the SEO Optimizing web performance plays a huge role in SEO . About five years ago, Google added site speed as a signal to its search ranking algorithm , thus encouraging better web performance. And so far, Google has made quite a few reports and tool releases with the goal of helping improve web performance. Especially when it comes to mobile devices, good web performance is crucial. Some of the most important points to analyze when performing a WPO analysis of a web page are the following: First byte load time Server configuration File weight Image resizing Number of file uploads Some more common actions that are usually applied to solve poor web performance : Increase the performance of the hosting server Compress images and adjust resolution to actual size Merge the files as images, CSS or JS Minimize CSS and JS files Reduce the number of file uploads Use cache Minimize redirects Freeze the download of files by using CDN Optimize your RWD (Responsive Web Design) Obviously, Responsive Design is meaningless without high web performance. Tammy Everts shares some findings on how mobile users engage with e-commerce websites.

The results demonstrate how user engagement is affected when pages are slowed down even slightly. The reasons outlined above that illustrate the importance of web performance optimization apply even more to mobile use cases. Therefore, one should consider removing or reducing things on responsive websites whenever possible. You could, for example, use a suitable web font or eliminate redundant tracking or marketing pixels. In addition, we must take into account the new internet protocol HTTP 3, which promises better performance in terms Taiwan Database of loading speed. Performance culture Of course, web performance optimization isn’t just up to front-end developers, it’s a cross- departmental team effort . Designers, product managers, quality assurance, marketing, business intelligence, back-end and front-end developers, and managing directors all must act together to achieve a high-performing website at the end of the day. Therefore, it is vital to establish some kind of performance culture, even if this is not an easy task. Performance impact must be considered for each new feature, from conception to development.

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