How Patreon works

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How Patreon works

Come and know through this article what Patreon is and how it works, the most popular online patronage platform for content creators. The question ‘What is Patreon ?’ haunts many people’s heads. It is a platform specially designed for content creators and their followers. This platform has been trying for years to carry the philosophy started by crowfunding.The financing of personal or personal projects in a vertical way and without intermediaries in the process. Mainly we will let you know what Patreon is and what are the characteristics that can stand out the most.Finally, we will briefly show you the process to subscribe to Patreon cameroon whatsapp numbers and we will also give you a bonus, a list of the top Patreon profiles. It should be noted that this platform, despite not resembling the traditional social networks at all , does have a lot to do with them. Keep in mind that it is a communication channel between content creators, influencers and their followers or patrons, it is not the basic element of this platform. What is Patreon and what are its origins? The Patreon platform is a crowdfunding system in which, having a user profile, you can donate a specific amount of money per month to your favorite content creators to support them and allow them to continue developing the content that you like so much. Thanks to Patreon and other platforms with certain similarities to it, youtubers, bloggers, artists, writers, etc., can request certain contributions online so that their project and their dedication can be sustained over time.

The origin of Patreon was defined in 2013, in the town of San Francisco, California . There, a little-known musician named Jack Conte was trying to find a way to live with the music he created, without having to go through traditional channels. Thinking about it, he realized that there were no standardized mechanisms to instantly donate money to creators over the internet. From there, the idea for Patreon was hatched. For creators: We can say that Patreon is a method that seeks to obtain an additional payment for the creations that are already being made. It is very important to know how Patreon works. Thanks to this, we will be able to know that users will be able to donate certain monthly fees or for each content post that you upload (that is up to the user’s decision). To give an example: if you are youtuber, musician, comedian, etc., in general, you would need to pay for the platforms where you are uploading your content. So you can generate income and continue to finance your work. But thanks to this method, it will be your own followers who provide you with the money through a platform where you will know how much you will be able to get monthly and in this way, organize yourself much better.

For a patron: Through this platform you will show your unconditional support to the creators you like the most . This will give you access to your creator’s profile on Patreon, where he can upload articles and exclusive content for his patrons and in this way thank them for all their support. Note: this website does not work only as a payment method, but creates an entire community around the artist or the content creator. Allowing them to have direct communication between creator and follower. It should be noted that each creator can modify and customize their Patreon page as they see fit. You can set the methods and quotas you want depending on how you see your followers act. Patreon Evolution As we mentioned earlier, Patreon was born from an idea that a Californian musician named Jack Conte had . This, with the help of a childhood friend and engineer Taiwan Database named Sam Yam , they managed to create this platform that currently helps thousands of creators worldwide. At first, Jack presented the idea he had in mind to his friend Sam. He began to work day and night to develop the idea with a very low budget. He managed to create a demo of the platform. Later, Jack promoted the Patreon platform through various videos and in just two weeks, he managed to earn $ 5,000 for each video he uploaded. With this, he was able to quickly recoup the initial investment. But they both had the idea that Patreon could be something much bigger. Sam Yam managed to get this startup to have a financing of 2.1 million dollars in August 2013. Thanks to this, Patreon went from being a small project, to being a company that provided work for more than 80 people.

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