How to avoid the top 2 reasons why your subscribers unsubscribe

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How to avoid the top 2 reasons why your subscribers unsubscribe

Subscribers to a blog are registered and unsubscribed. In this post I will tell you how you can keep the bounce rate low. It costs an egg. Get new subscribers for your blog I say. The fact that someone subscribes to your blog does not mean that they cannot unsubscribe again. In fact the loss of subscribers is part of the process . The relationship Ivory-Coast Phone Number List between blogger and reader has a beginning and an end . In the past I have written a lot about this topic (as you can see in the linked posts) so I do not want to repeat myself too much. Most blogging bloggers approach the issue from the angle of recruitment but few address the issue of loyalty. In fact, there are many reasons why a subscriber can unsubscribe . Subscriber management is one of the main concerns of bloggers. Of all the conversations I have had in the past, I would highlight 3 reasons.

Not having good timing when it comes to being commercial I’m not telling you anything new when I tell you that being too commercial on your blog is going to generate a lot of casualties. It is normal. It is enough to put yourself in the shoes of yourself to realize it. Even so, many bloggers (both advanced and beginners) make this mistake. The problem behind is related to autoresponders . Many marketers (especially those in the United States) want us to think that you can make money sleeping. I get it too, but only for 8 hours a day, then I have to start working again to keep that flow of money. No, seriously now. The idea behind is not bad. I get a subscriber and then I have a series of emails scheduled where I sell them something. The problem is that we do not take into account that there are different activation phases . You cannot offer a free download in a moment and in 30 minutes already offer a paid course (or whatever). If he barely had time to read what you sent him!

Being commercial is not the main problem but rather the fact of not having the patience to wait for the right moment. It is true that autoresponders can be programmed in different ways but despite that I am not a big fan. Quantity and quality of the content you send Well, you may have noticed that I just sneaked 2 points into 1 but they are so related that it even sneaks. The worst thing I could do with my blog subscribers is send them a post every day. I publish daily so for content it will not be. The quantity is not relevant but rather the quality of it . On average I send one shipment per month because I want to apply a filter, choosing those posts that stand out the most according to external or personal metrics. That way I want to maintain this feeling when a subscriber receives a new post: “Wow, a new post mail from […], let’s see what counts.” Ivory-Coast Phone Number List

There must be some shortage. If you mix it with the wow factor it can be a fantastic mix to keep your subscribers happy. It is an obvious point at first glance but the vast majority of bloggers send all content to subscribers. Another thing is if you really work on each content as if it were going to be the last one you write in your life. If each of your articles is so good that it deserves to be read, I’ll shut up …;) And yes, it is true. There are many more reasons why a subscriber unsubscribes but the vast majority I have already mentioned in previous posts. These 2 that I have detailed in this post have, according to my criteria, 80% of fault for someone to unsubscribe Taiwan Database. The loss of subscribers can never be stopped 100%. You can never be liked by everyone all the time. Don’t make the effort because it will waste your resources. Even so, there are ways to keep them for longer without being perceived as a damn heavy (either because you want to sell the motorcycle or because your emails become spam that occupies their inbox) …

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