How to choose the best digital marketing candidate for your Best Perches company

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How to choose the best digital marketing candidate for your Best Perches company

Start Business How to choose the best candidate … If you have to invest a large part of your time in managing tasks such as social networks and you cannot invest it in the management tasks of your company, you are unaware of the digital tools that exist, you are in charge of creating content for your company and the competition is overcoming; You need to select a digital profile that is in charge of the marketing of your company. Each company has different needs, and depending on what they are, the functions of different types   Armenia Cell Phone Numbers  of digital marketing profiles are required . A digital marketing candidate must have extensive knowledge in all aspects of marketing to be able to apply them to our company. In previous posts we explained which were the 5 most demanded digital marketing profiles in 2021 . But how can we choose the candidate who best fits our company? In this Zoping post we offer you a guide with the best tips on how to find digital profiles for your company. How to choose the best candidate step by step When hiring a digital profile, the first thing you have to assess is whether you are looking to carry out an internal recruitment , that is, if the selection process is going to be carried out from your company, or an external recruitment and that a selection agency of staff is in charge of making the process of selecting digital profiles for the position. Here are some recommendations on how you can make a good selection of digital marketing candidates: You must check if the candidate is aware of technological developments .

A digital marketing candidate must be up to date with technological developments and be informed of trends in the sector. Training in any of the branches of marketing . A person who can fill a digital marketing position in a company must have knowledge and training on communication and marketing. Today there is, apart from regulated training in universities, a wide range of courses related to marketing and its variants. Have experience in the sector . A digital profile that knows the experience of the sector, the public to which it is directed or the tone that is used, for example, can help you make the decision to hire him in front of other candidates. That he is passionate about his work . Eager to evolve, to obtain more knowledge and to enjoy work. You must ask your colleagues and convey passion for what you do. Have an active presence on social networks . Social networks have become a cover letter for future employees. A good digital marketing candidate must have an active presence in the social networks of the moment, and in particular, LinkedIn is the work social network par excellence. You can search their profile in networks to see how they interact and how they express themselves. Learning ability .

The fields related to digital marketing are constantly changing, due to the evolution of technology and the multiple tools that fill the market every year. Therefore, the digital marketing candidate profile must be very versatile and be in constant training so as not to be left behind. Problem solving ability . You will also need to be able to resolve and manage conflicts that arise. In turn, he must be a responsible person and aware of the importance of the work he performs. Have communication skills . The digital marketing candidate must express himself adequately and concisely. If you do not know which is the most appropriate profile for your company, we have developed this comparative table that will surely make it easier for you to make the final decision. For an inbound marketing strategy, hire an agency, a freelancer or an in-house team? Advantages of hiring an inbound marketing agencyLet’s talk about recruiting 3.0: what it is and what advantages it has The concept of recruiting 3.0 refers to the third generation of online recruiting. Recruitment 2.0, to which we are more accustomed, consists of using the Internet as a space for promoting job offers.

Recruitment 3.0 improves communication between recruits and candidates, and tracks the stages of the selection process in real time . These are the advantages of Recruitment 3.0: Decrease the contract deadlines . It has digital tools that allow it to be updated. In this way, candidates are instantly aware of any changes. With Recruitment 3.0, candidates   Taiwan Database  feel better valued by the company. Candidates positively value the possibility of complementing certain phases of the selection process remotely. Recruitment 3.0 generates a better image of the company , since it provides a lot of information in real time to the candidates. At Zoping , an agency specialized in Inbound Marketing, we have a portfolio of professionals specialized in the different fields of Digital Marketing. If you are thinking of starting with a Digital Marketing strategy for your company, do not hesitate to contact us .

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