How to Choose the Best Fountain Pens?

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How to Choose the Best Fountain Pens?

It is necessary to clarify that fountain pens and calligraphy pens are not the same. The latter are used to write, while the pens are used to draw. This confusion usually exists because in several Latin American countries such as Bolivia, Colombia and Ecuador both words are used as if they were synonyms. With that said, let’s look at the essentials for purchasing refillable pens. In order for you to choose the best refillable pens, you must take into account some factors before buying pens. 1. By the thickness of the pen tip This is the most important factor when choosing the most appropriate fountain pens for the artistic activity you are going to carry out. The thickness of the tip of the pens varies in millimeters: there are from the thinnest of 0.03 millimeters to the thick of 1.2 millimeters.

As you can imagine, the thin tips are used to make very fine lines, while the thick tips are used for more noticeable lines. 2. Due to the drying time Depending on the model and the brand, the drying of the India ink varies and it is a fact to take into account to avoid mishaps. In this case , refillable pens usually offer slower drying. Whereas disposable pens dry almost instantly. To complement the above, René Córdova, professor of the Pakistan Phone Number course of Traditional Mixed Illustration Techniques , mentions the following: “With regard to fountain pens, there is also, as in all stationery, a wide variety of quality brands. Regardless of the brand, make sure they are waterproof, as it will allow you to go through markers, Chinese ink or watercolors, without ruining the sheet.

By the Thickness of the Pen Tip

Man drawing a face with a penSource: Unplash Why should you buy a fountain pen? Although it is true that the most common use of this instrument is represented by drawing pens, there are several reasons to buy a pen . For this reason, in this section we will explain what fountain pens are for. Advantages of fountain pens The best fountain pens offer a series of many attractive advantages, such as the following: Its resistance is high and its ink can last for a long time without drying out. They give the line great precision and when the ink has dried there is no danger of it running on the paper. There are colored fountain pens that offer a wide variety of inks. They allow you to draw fine and precise lines. In the market there are fountain pens of all prices , from the most expensive to the most economical.

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There are rechargeable pens and disposable pens , two different options, but they offer a perfect finish when drawing or illustrating. Next, we explain what these differences consist of so that you can choose the best refillable or disposable pens. Differences between refillable and disposable pens. When we talk about drawing pens, we must bear in mind that there. Are two types of pens: rechargeable pens and disposable pens. If you want to buy one of these fountain pens, you have to know what. The differences are between the two so that you can choose the. Most convenient one according to your tastes and needs. Let’s see what they are! Basically it is the same tool, the difference between the two is that refillable pens. As their name suggests, are those that have an interchangeable Chinese ink tank.

Due to the Drying Time

This means that refillable pens have a reservoir that can be refilled with ink cartridges once it runs out . The only thing you have to do with these India ink pens is to keep the reservoir full whenever necessary. While disposable pens, on the other hand, do not have an interchangeable barrel . Disposable pens are calibrated with only a certain amount of ink. When this ink runs out, then the fountain pen is discarded, as it can no longer be used. Refillable pens represent a money saving because although it is true that their price is higher. Than that of disposable pens, in the long run the cost is lower because. It will always be cheaper to refill the reservoir of refillable pens instead. Of of buying disposable pens over and over again. Disposable pens have tips calibrated in millimeters to make even strokes and lines .

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