How to combine usability with positioning

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How to combine usability with positioning

It is common to confuse terms such as web usability and user-centered design, also known as user experience ( UX ). The world of web pages moves at a fast speed and it is difficult to adapt to changes in language. But the truth is that both terms refer to very different realities . And knowing them is essential to propose a good design strategy. Differences between web usability and user experience It is said that a web page has web usability when specific tasks can be carried out in it in a simple and direct way , that is, when they are carried out consciously german mobile company and without errors. Therefore, the term refers to the internal construction of the page being clear, simple and perfectly understandable by users, regardless of their level of knowledge of the online world. Interesting image for visits User experience or user-centered design has a different meaning. It implies that the people who browse that page are able to enjoy the experience . Not only is the layout of the sections clear to them, but they also find it comfortable, satisfactory and even their image interesting. The aim is to take a tour so that users go through certain phases on the page and this offers them some kind of emotion or impression. Now, both concepts, despite being different, obviously have to work together.

On the one hand, any friendly website in terms of user experience has a certain high level of usability , but it does not have to be the other way around. The objective, precisely, of the good creators of online spaces is to be able to create a page that is not only simple and intuitive to use, but can also be an enjoyment and a satisfactory experience to navigate through it. This obviously requires good work , and the main point to overcome is not to simply leave the project to be handled with simplicity. It is a great temptation to make a simple design and not continue advancing, but it is also necessary to enhance the user experience, so that, in this way, there is a friendlier and more interesting space. An aid to improve web positioning and usability Good design relates to positioning in two ways. On the one hand, one of the fundamental points to achieve a better SEO is to have a large number of visits by users. Now, precisely the design of our page is essential not only to get each visit, but also to retain it.

In the event that a user begins to navigate a page that he is not able to understand or even that cannot catch him, the most likely thing is that he will end up abandoning it. The same would happen if you even enter for specific purposes, such as buying a product. That is why it is said that a bad design does not help the SEO positioning of the page improve, and hence there is a relationship between both criteria. On the other hand, the ghosts of Google prioritize those pages that have a more logical and intelligent design , and among those that can be moved properly. A web space that does not have this will not have the favor of Google, and its position in the search engines Taiwan Database will be drastically reduced. In conclusion , creating a well-designed and orderly web page is essential for the user to be able to understand it . But the thing should not stop there. You also have to find your best experience, so that visits increase and the page is much better positioned within Google. In this way we must combine usability with positioning .

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