How to convert a subscriber to your blog into a commercial lead to sell services

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How to convert a subscriber to your blog into a commercial lead to sell services

A blog is an excellent tool for selling services. The key is to convert a non-commercial lead into one that needs to hire you.
It is not the first time that you have heard that the most important asset of a blogger is the mailing list of his subscribers . The reason behind is very simple. It is about that group of people to whom you have the best access because it does not depend on Google, Facebook, Twitter or whoever it is to be able to address them. commercial Bolivia Phone Number List photo rights At this point I am not going to repeat everything that I have already commented in the last 5 years. Before thinking of getting an economic profit from your personal blog, you must have created a community to which you have added a lot of value for months or years without asking for anything in return . I will assume that you have already done all this . There are two basic types of leads At a global level there are only two types of leads : commercial and non-commercial.

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When someone signs up on your subscriber list because they like your content, it is a non-commercial lead. This person has not expressed any need to contract any specific service of yours. He is probably not going to buy anything from you in the short term, but later on you may generate the desire to hire you a service. Non-commercial leads Then there are those who leave you their contact information because they already have a specific need. Typically this occurs through lifelong forms. If you are a blogger and offer services, it makes sense to have a separate section for those readers who have business needs in your field. You have to segment and qualify the subscribers of a blog One of the main mistakes we made when creating an email marketing list on the Quondos blog was not thinking about a possible segmentation of subscribers from scratch.

We quickly reached 10,000 newsletter subscribers and the only thing we knew about them was that they were interested in SEO and online marketing. Later on we came to the fact that it is necessary to differentiate more precisely to be clear about the real interest of these people. Step one: segment Today we no longer only care about getting new subscribers but also being able to better understand the needs of existing ones . Through free content and events that we offer and promote among those subscribed to the list, we are able to better label their needs. Consequently, our mailings are no longer directed massively to everyone, but rather, we segment towards those who, due to their behavior in the past, could be more similar. Bolivia Phone Number List

Step Two: Identify Business Interest
Among all those subscribers there are always some who have a commercial interest. Maybe they didn’t have it at the time they signed up on your list, but it could be that through your content you have given them some ideas that have generated that need.
To identify and separate those from the rest, it is a good idea to direct them to new forms through project launches and / or new services. You have to be transparent in the sense that it is clear that you are promoting a paid service. Those who sign up to get more information about it can definitely qualify as business leads .In short : the key is to know the interests of your subscribers and develop the structure to reach them in a highly segmented way Taiwan Database . To identify those with commercial interests, it is incredibly useful to make use of launches where you announce new services (even if you have already been offering it for a long time). When it comes to closing sales, you only address commercial leads so as not to burn your list and risk many casualties among those who still do not have the appropriate activation level.

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