How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page

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How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn is the professional social network par excellence. In fact, it has more than 500 million registered users. In recent months LinkedIn has undergone a series of changes to improve its interface and make it more attractive and intuitive. On LinkedIn we can find both professional profiles and company pages. Precisely about the latter, the company pages, this post deals with. Read on if you want to know how to create a LinkedIn Company Page. What is a LinkedIn Company Page Just as we can create a professional profile on LinkedIn on a personal level, a company can create its own company page. A LinkedIn Company Page allows   Bangladesh Phone Number List   other users to learn more about your company. LinkedIn Company Pages are used to publicize information about a business, products, brands and services, as well as job opportunities within the company itself. Why Creating a LinkedIn Company Page is Important Creating a company page on LinkedIn is an opportunity that you should not miss. It seems that LinkedIn increasingly has a more social focus, without losing sight of its professional essence. A LinkedIn Company Page will give your company greater visibility and make it more accessible to other users. In addition to publicizing your company and being able to offer job opportunities, a company page on LinkedIn also allows you to create segmented advertising to attract potential customers, favors a networking environment, facilitates the relationship with suppliers, professionals and clients, allows you to discover new opportunities for business and related companies.

How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page Many people wonder how to create a company page on LinkedIn. By following the steps that you will see below, you can do it quickly and easily. Before creating a company page on LinkedIn, make sure you meet the necessary requirements to be able to do so. The first thing is to have a personal profile on LinkedIn and be connected with other profiles. The section related to your experience should reflect that you are part of the company for which you want to create the page and the position you occupy on it. Additionally, you must add and confirm a company email address in your own LinkedIn account. If you meet the above requirements, you can start creating a company page on LinkedIn. To start you must access the Products section , in the upper right part of the web, and choose the Company Pages option. A window will open in which you must add the name of the company and confirm that you are indeed its official representative. At that point LinkedIn will create a URL with the name of your company. The next step is to fill in all the requested data . Do not forget to fill in all the fields of the different sections that appear. Select Spanish as the default language and if your company has an international presence, feel free to use other languages ​​as well. Select a background image that reflects the spirit of your company.

The recommended dimensions for the cover image on LinkedIn are 1536 × 768. You will also have to add a logo, in this case the recommended dimensions are 300 × 300. Description is one of the most important sections of a company page on LinkedIn. You have 2,000 characters to tell what your company does. Try to be natural and true to the tone you use on your website. Take advantage of the description to include the keywords for which you want to position your company. LinkedIn Company Pages allow you to add up to 20 specialties . You do not have to complete all of them, but it is recommended that you highlight the areas of specialization of your business. Add the sector to which your company belongs, the type   Taiwan Database  of company it is, its size and the year of its creation. Remember to include the address of the company , postal code, province and country. And if you include a link to your website, you will make it easy for interested people to access it. Finally, LinkedIn also allows you to add up to three prominent groups related to your company’s activity. Although to be able to include these groups you must be an administrator or a member of them. I hope this guide on how to create a LinkedIn Company Page will be useful to you and that you can get the most out of it. And if you have any questions during the process of creating your company page, let us know through the comments so we can help you.

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