How to create SMART Goals and apply them to my business?

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How to create SMART Goals and apply them to my business?

If you have ever felt that you were not making progress in your project, that, despite the passing of time, you continue to see your goals very far away, or you simply do not know how to know how productive you are being with your achievements and you want to start count them, but you don’t know the best way to do it either … To help you with all this, I want to talk to you about the SMART objectives 🙂 Lets start by the beginning In order to achieve a goal, we have to create certain objectives that will help us achieve it . This is, many times, the root of the problem, since if the objectives are not well defined, we are getting in the way from the beginning. And, the most logical thing is that doubts arise such as : What are the objectives that I have to set? How many goals guatemala cell phone do I have to create? How do I know if the objectives set are well defined? How do I know if I am complying with them or if they are really serving me for something? What if the goals I set are too high? Don’t worry! When you finish reading the entire post, you will have answered these doubts. (Although most likely you still have many others, because how we are really going to learn is by putting it into practice 😉).

That being said, what then must these goals look like in order for them to be really useful? Let’s go with the SMART Goals! What are SMART goals? The acronym SMART means “smart” in Spanish, and it is a very successful term, as it refers to a methodology that helps us remember the key and essential aspects when creating objectives to meet a specific goal. Each letter gives meaning to a different characteristic and, each one of them, must be in our objectives to be able to reach our goal in the most intelligent way, as the word says. These characteristics are: Specific SMART Objective Specific . The objective has to be concrete, clear and simple . Try to leave as little improvisation as possible so that you can better focus on what you want to achieve. A good way to make your goals as specific as possible is by answering yourself questions such as: What do I want to achieve? Why do I want to get it? Who will get it? What are the resources at my disposal to achieve it? But not only these! Ultimately, the idea is that you detail as much as you can about your goal.

By the way, if you still don’t understand the idea , later on you will see the clearer differences with examples of SMART objectives, so don’t worry! SMART Measurable Goal Measureable . Measure is vital . If you cannot measure your progress, you will never know the real path that you have advanced or the one that remains to be advanced. Now I want you to pay attention to these ideas! 1. How can I measure my progress? Making your goal quantifiable. The idea is to set a goal for yourself with exact amounts, percentages, numbers, etc. 2. How do I know Taiwan Database exactly what to measure? Defining the KPIs of your project based on your objectives. 3. What is this about KPIs? KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) are key performance indicators (which we will talk about in a later post) that will help us to analyze the performance and profitability of our actions. 4. But not just any metric works for us, and that is the key point. If KPIs were any metric, why would it be necessary to call them something else? Because they are not just metrics, but those specific metrics that will let us know if we are growing in what we have set out to achieve.

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