How to create your own online school: tools and tips Today

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How to create your own online school: tools and tips Today

I want to banish the false myth that creating an online school is a complex, very expensive and not very productive task. Due to the new situation that we have had to live this last year, many of the services that we are used to consuming in a traditional way, have had to take a 360º turn and switch to the digital world. One of them is education. Online training has become one of the backbones of today’s society . And according to the great reception it is having, we believe that it has come to stay due to its extensive benefits: It is flexible in terms of time and schedules. It reduces the costs of the educational process. It fits the current needs of the students. If you indian mobile number format think that it is time to start your own online school, you only need the appropriate technological support, a strong commitment and follow the advice that I leave you here below. Learn to create your own online school (Tools + Tips)CLICK TO TWEET Strategy to create your online school 1. Choose your platform This is one of the most important points at the beginning of your project that will depend directly on your budget . I leave you a list of four platforms for you to value and choose the one that best suits your plans. WORDPRESS It is a CMS with a flexible system that adapts to your needs.

It allows executing different actions, from the creation of a web page to an online school. This is my favorite option, since it is an investment that you make in a timely manner and you forget about it. No need to tie yourself to a commission payment. Another point in its favor is that you can manage the sales plan and its promotion , which means that it allows you to fully control the entire process. SPECIALIST PROGRAM IN WEB DESIGN Build your own business, step by step, doing something that every business needs: a website. You will be able to create and sell web pages to be able to leave your current job and live from the freedom of digital businesses. RESERVE YOUR PLACE In addition, with WordPress you can select the tools with which you prefer to work: Payment gateways: Paypal, Trive Cart, Sam Cart, among others. To upload courses: Learndash or Memberpress, among others. Video Hosting: Vimeo or Wistia, among others.

HOTMART If what you want is to validate your course , I recommend this platform because the sales processes are easy to manage. Among the most outstanding functions we find: Content protection. Integration with email marketing. Creation of access for students. Selection of the safest forms of payment. Track student progress. I would like to point out that Hotmart’s business model is different from that of most platforms, since the payment is not monthly or annual, but by percentage. That is, the platform will keep a 10% commission for each Taiwan Database sale made . digital marketing TEACHABLE It is a platform where you can host your trainings and sell them in exchange for a commission. Let’s see some of its strengths: The number of offers and students is unlimited. You can customize the page with the logo, colors and styles. Users access, free or paid, depending on the choice of the administrator. Regardless, if you decide to offer options at no cost, the use of the platform will work under the same modality.

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