How to define an inbound marketing strategy for industrial companies

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How to define an inbound marketing strategy for industrial companies

inbound marketing strategy If you have reached this page, you will be looking for industrial marketing strategies that help you get more potential customers and increase sales . Yes or no? First I want to explain to you that the digital strategy par excellence is industrial inbound marketing . Why? Because it attracts potential customers to your company with the need to buy and looking for a supplier to solve their problems . The objectives of a marketing strategy based on the inbound methodology are: Increase customers Increase sales Complete the agencies of the sales representatives Get qualified leads (quality leads) Increase traffic to your website Expand your company to   Switzerland Phone Number List  other markets Increase your database of interested prospects Let your customers find you on Google Improve brand visibility How to define an inbound marketing strategy for industrial companies flywheel inbound marketing The objectives to be met: vital to be able to measure. Before we have listed the main objectives that industrial inbound marketing achieves. Which ones are you chasing? You must define measurable objectives, based on numerical growth and deadline time . For example: Increase sales by 15% in 2020 or get 40 qualified leads in the third quarter of the year. The reason for doing so is that we can measure their evolution and we can make the right decisions to achieve them.

The budget: one of the main elements of marketing strategies Carrying out an industrial inbound marketing strategy requires a series of elements to be carried out in an effective and profitable way . The staff is essential to be able to carry out the strategy. Here you have several options, hire staff, outsource to an agency specialized in inbound marketing or a freelance / freelance. In this infographic we show you the casuistry of each of the options. Advantages of hiring an inbound marketing agency The tools are another cost that you should consider. To be able to carry out a marketing strategy effectively and to be able to measure the results to make the right decisions . Speaking of industrial inbound marketing, the top tool is HubSpot . You will also need more specific tools for each area of ​​the strategy, such as SEMrush for SEO. The strategies everyday also need to have a game in budgets such as advertising campaigns on Google Ads, Social Ads, collaboration with blogs …

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The start-up: the phases of an industrial inbound marketing strategy Attraction : How do I get my potential customers to find me? The main channels to get qualified traffic are SEO, social networks, content, advertising and the website. Conversion : How do you get your customers to show interest? Getting the first data from a potential customer is important to later qualify them. What can you offer your clients so that they are so interested that they give you their first information (name, email, position in the company …? The closing : How to pass a cold contact to the client? Marketing automation does the rest here. Knowing the problems and challenges of your target customer is very important to   Taiwan Database  go from cold to hot contact and end up being a customer. Other industrial marketing strategies The cold door sale This has been the main sales force of industrial companies and continues to be one of the most used. It consists of prospecting lists of companies that may be likely to need our products and calling to arrange commercial visits in person. But these industrial marketing strategies are: Not very effective, they rarely put us in contact with the person who makes the decisions. Not profitable, you have to invest a lot of time and money to arrange interviews.

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