How to Design a Book That Everyone Wants to Read?

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How to Design a Book That Everyone Wants to Read?

Knowing how to design a book, whether in physical or digital format, is a rewarding and very practical experience, both for readers by vocation and for those who feel the need to record their ideas for posterity. So, if you want to be a freelance writer, this is your time. Learning about the process of creating a book is not only an effective skill but also very useful, since training in the field of publishing is knowledge that can open many doors for you, both in the literary world and in other work areas ; for example, in the world of journalism and communication. To fulfill this purpose, one of the basic tools that you must handle is editorial design, since it will give you all the necessary knowledge to structure your work in the best possible way.

Therefore, it is an essential requirement that you know more about this aspect of graphic design. In this post, we not only teach you how to design a book and what factors you must take into account to create one, but also everything related to editorial design and what elements to take into account to create incredible works. As a bonus track , we also present some downloadable resources for you to start creating your own ebooks. Join us! Aspects to consider before designing a book Before learning how to create a book, it is important that you Morocco Phone Number basic information about the structure and composition of this type of publication, since it will allow you to know more about its operation and its intention towards the reader .

Aspects to Consider Before Designing a Book

For this reason, we teach you more about the world of books and what creating one entails. What should you know? 1. Parts of a book You should know that a publication of this type is structured as follows: The physical or external part. The content or internal part. Next, you will learn more about each of them. External part As its name says, it covers the entire cover of the book. That is, it represents the first thing the reader will see about the publication . It is made up of 5 elements: Covers: it is the first visual element of the work. It is made up of the front cover (front cover), spine (side that holds the sheets) and back cover (rear cover) and, depending on the manufacturing process, their measurements vary. Dust jacket: it is a wrapper that, in general, accompanies the front and back covers.

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It usually presents illustrations or additional information about the author. Girdle: used on exceptional occasions. It is a strip of paper that surrounds the book and where information related to the publisher, the number of editions or the printing date is usually placed. Covers: they are sheets of paper that serve to join the book with the cardboard cover. It is a thicker type of paper than the inner sheets. Article Try Crehana Premium for free and access the entire catalog of courses for 24 hours Go Premium Inner part Although it may seem that there is not much to detail in the internal part, the truth is that it is made up of several important elements that we must know to learn how to design a book. Respect sheets: these are blank sheets that are usually placed at the beginning and end of the book.

Parts of a Book

In general, these sheets are used to place dedications. Front cover: it is the first page of the book. Usually, the title of the book is placed in a lower font than the one used on the cover. Inside cover: the title of the book, the name of the author, the publisher. As well as the place and year of printing are placed here. Credits page: located on the back of the inside cover; that is, on the left side. In this section, the legal texts of the publication are placed, such as translations, reserved rights, legal deposit, printing, among others. Dedication: page that is followed by the credits, where the author usually places a dedication. Prologue: can be one or several pages. A preliminary text of the book is placed here and can be written by the author or by another person.

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