How to determine what is the right frequency for your blog

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How to determine what is the right frequency for your blog

How many times do I have to post on my blog? It is one of the most frequently asked questions in the blogging world. This is my answer. I’m not saying that’s the case, but in general the “more is better” rule has worked very well for me. Run more to go faster, work more to earn more money and of course, publish more to reach more readers . publication UK Phone Number Database List photo rights

Everything is in the nuances but if we only apply that basic concept I am practically sure that the statistics are in my favor . With one exception to this day I look rather the opposite. Earn the same (or hopefully more) by working less or go faster by spending less time running. What I do not intend to change is the rate of publication that I have carried out in the last 5 years .
The latter by the way is something that I do not recommend doing to anyone. Post daily I mean. Quantity only beats quality if what you do is effortless. The blogging as a lifestyle would be a way to practice (that’s mine). Advancing the answer to the title of the post. The “correct” answer (if it exists) is not a number or a range but rather what you want to do and what world you are going to move into. Let’s see the different options we have.
1 Several publications a day
2 The daily publication
3 Monthly or weekly publication
4 Publication every 6-18 months
Several publications a day
If until now you thought that it was already a barbarity to publish with a frequency of one article per day, imagine reaching up to 10. Does this really make sense?

Like many things in life the answer is “it depends.” It depends on the theme and the focus you give to your blog . If you want to become the reference blog in the world of technology, fashion, marketing, music, etc. you need to cover a wide range of topics. In the cases mentioned, you have two factors that are going to complicate your life. The first factor is that you touch on a subject too broadly. It is not so easy to be a fashion blog. It is much better to focus on more concrete things. E.g. XXL men’s fashion. In niches with as much competition as fashion, you have to differentiate yourself so as not to compete with everyone . It is difficult to cover everything.UK Phone Number List

It is what all the themes mentioned above have in common: too broad and a lot of competition. If you want to succeed despite this, you need to always get the latest news from the sector. This requires a publication of 5-10 entries a day to position yourself broadly and for any reader to know that they can enter several times a day and will always find something new. Your main content type will be news. The downside is that this high level of publication does not guarantee you anything. If you want to compete you have to go through there. Or at least that’s how I see it. The daily publication Being present in people’s minds requires something very simple and at the same time incredibly difficult to achieve: perseverance. Someone said something like “fear not an enemy who trains 1,000 kicks in a single day, but an enemy who has practiced a single kick for 1,000 days.” Time plays in your favor, especially if you know how to take advantage of it.

The vast majority of people have no patience so they expect results too fast with as little effort as possible. In real life this does not exist. Those people who seem to have succeeded overnight have been struggling for years (or their entire lives) to get there.
Publishing daily has become a kind of stamp in my case . It is something you can do as long as you are able to get posts of up to 1,000 words in an hour based mostly on your experience. It is impossible to write extensive tutorials on a daily basis, of course. This obviously has to contribute something to your readers because otherwise it would no longer Taiwan Database make much sense. I would apply it to a personal blog such as this one. You have to really like writing because otherwise it can become really stressful. You need to be able to move around various topics so that you never run out of ideas.

Monthly or weekly publication
In this field, the vast majority of bloggers may be moving. The time I spend to publish my posts for a week can be used to make a single blog entry. Depending on the research, the images used, the depth of the content, etc. you can easily go 5-10 hours .
This posting pace makes sense when you have a very specific focus on your blog. Let’s say your blog is on LinkedIn. There are not so many new things emerging every day so the pace adapts to the degree of novelty in your field.

You also have to be clear about one thing. The less you publish, the more quality you have to contribute to each word you write. The reader assumes that if you have not released anything new for a long day that you are working on new content. It is clear that we also have other things to do but expectations grow with more time that passes between article and article. Examples for this type of publication are SumaCRM’s blog or Pedro de Vicente’s Squeezing Linkedin . Publication every 6-18 months Can you post so little and still be known as a blogger? Ask Alex from Vivirdelared . I have not done the calculation but it has still been more than a year since you made the last entry. His followers are already looking forward to the next entry.

In his case the expectations are stellar. When you have not published for so long, people already expect content such as “get rich in 1 hour by investing 1 euro with Facebook Ads”. This is why I really like to post daily. You are present in people’s minds without waiting for content that will help them solve their lives in a miraculous way. The objective with this rate of publication is to give ideas, inspire, contribute new things, etc. It is my philosophy of little by little going step by step. Everyone has to find the frequency that makes sense and with which they can achieve their goals. It is not easy, but if you put it on, you will find it.

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