How to differentiate yourself in the blogosphere so as not to be a typical blog – my personal strategy

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How to differentiate yourself in the blogosphere so as not to be a typical blog – my personal strategy

Today it’s time to respond to a comment from a reader. Since I feel inspired, I take advantage of it and I do it in the format of a post.
In recent months I have taken to retaking issues that I already touched on the blog years ago. When almost 4 years pass as is the case in this post , things may change or one no longer sees things the same way. differentiate Algeria Phone Number List  photo rights
In this case the main reason has been another. A reader left me a comment expressing more than his discomfort, he would say that for the tone rather a constructive criticism: “you are all the same. Trying to be objective, you have to give it a reason in part. Its main points are that there is no originality when it comes to differentiating yourself from the competition. He highlighted above all 2 points that I had seen in one of my posts. Using aggressive pop-ups to attract users (I’ll talk about this later) Internal links that take you to the home page for SEO issues ( here you find the reason). The list has fallen a bit short because in reality I could have added more things that practically all bloggers do:

Creation of an e-book as an incentive for subscribers. Write posts as an external author to strengthen link building .
Participate in events for bloggers to network . We could probably continue with the list but as this post is about to differentiate itself, let’s talk a little about what I do. My personal strategy to differentiate myself as a blogger
It is not the first time that I write about these topics. At least one thing should sound like something to the most veteran readers, although they will also find something new. Be totally predictable It may seem strange but in my case it has helped me a lot to differentiate myself from the rest. One thing I do is that all my posts come out at 01:01 . You’ve probably already figured it out. There are even readers who enter at this time to read a new entry. The other thing is that I have been posting every day since 4 years ago. Now the weekend is dedicated to Zenguerrilla with topics beyond marketing. There are many bloggers who are capable of generating better content but very few who are able to post with this frequency for that long. They are two factors that make me predictable but at the same time they have become part of my identity as a blogger that differentiates me from all the rest.

Email subscribers when it’s worth itAlgeria Phone Number List
If you have subscribed to this blog by email you will have noticed that despite publishing every day you receive an average email every 3-4 weeks. I do not send you each entry so as not to saturate your inbox. I send you something when I think it is really worth it.
I also use subscriber acquisition forms. Mine is called Slide-In because it enters from the right side offering the download of an e-book . On small devices it unfortunately covers a large part of the screen. I do not use pop-ups that are more effective because they are still much more aggressive. Not having any kind of form that stands out in any way would be a bit of an idiot. My goal is to make it as less annoying as possible, even if it is not always successful. Publish articles that will never rank in Google
I’m not saying that I have never done it but you will quickly see that I pass the SEO for the … well you know. I am not saying that SEO is not important but simply that I have reached a point where I can afford the luxury of creating content that nobody looks for and that consequently they will never position in Google.

It is undoubtedly a differential factor because I touch on topics that other bloggers, due to lack of search volume, simply do not touch. Here you can receive gifts in the form of ideas or I invite you to play like here . Surprise and fun are an essential factor to differentiate yourself. Play topics before others You can also anticipate themes and write about the Taiwan Database themes that readers are going to want tomorrow. In many cases the result may be null. In others, you will get to be in the top 10 of Google simply because you have almost accidentally become the oldest source on a topic that has suddenly become popular. You will see that many of the things that I do, I can do them because I write so frequently. I can afford a high margin of error. I am not worried about failing with a post because the next one that will be more successful will arrive .

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