How to do a SWOT analysis and its strategies?

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How to do a SWOT analysis and its strategies?

SWOT , SWOT, SWOT analysis … You may have heard it in many ways, but in the end they all mean the same thing. We are going to tell you everything about it, what strategies to carry out and why, as well as what tools can be useful to carry it out. We started! 🙂 What is a SWOT analysis? It is a strategic technique that is carried out through an analysis of your company, brand or product that will allow you to know what its: D ebilidades A menazas F TRENGTHS Or ports. The objective of this analysis is to make decisions that are better adapted to the demands of the market and to manage to face organizational changes. Let’s see how to perform this SWOT analysis! How to do a SWOT analysis? The first thing we are going to do is divide this analysis into two sections: Internal analysis and external analysis . Within these two sections we have the points that we have named before, which are in one section or another depending on where they greece phone number come from. In this way, we would have: strengths and weaknesses ( internal ); threats and opportunities ( external ). Let’s see it in detail! SWOT analysis Internal analysis (Strengths and weaknesses) We begin by doing an internal analysis of our company, in which we are going to take into account: The production. Costs, quality, innovation and production capacity. The staff. Selection, training and productivity of personnel. The finances. Financial resources available and profitability. Marketing. Positioning of your products and services within the market, as well as distribution, promotions and customer service. And with the information we collect, we can distribute it within our strengths and weaknesses to try to answer these questions: Strength. Where do we stand out? What are we good at? Weaknesses What are our negatives? What should we improve? External analysis (Opportunities and threats) We continue with an external analysis of our company, where we will specify: The public. Our buyer persona to whom your products or services are intended.

Like the general aspects of the market and its behavior. Our sector and the competition. Market trends, competitive products, their pricing policy and their distribution channels. The environment. Economic, social, technological, political, geographical or environmental factors that may directly or indirectly influence the development of your business. We redistribute this information in the two remaining points and answer the following questions: Opportunities. What trends can we take advantage of in favor of our company? Is there a change in the market? Threats What prevents us from achieving our goals? What is our difficulty? And once we have analyzed all the information that interests us, we can begin to carry out our strategy . With the #DAFO analysis, can I know how to correct weaknesses, face threats, maintain strengths and take advantage of opportunities in my company? Click to Tweet Strategies of a SWOT analysis Depending on the situation of our company, we can apply some of these strategies to act now that we know all our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Offensive Strategies. We achieve this strategy by uniting Strengths and Opportunities. They use the internal forces of the company to take advantage of external opportunities. For example: if your company is recognized by your customers (Strength) and demand increases (Opportunity). Defensive Strategies. We achieve this strategy by joining Strengths and Threats. They take advantage of the strengths of the company to avoid or lessen the repercussions of external threats. For example, in the opposite case: if your company is recognized by your customers (Strength) but demand decreases (Threat). Reorienting Strategies .

We achieve this strategy by joining Weaknesses and Opportunities. They seek to overcome internal weaknesses by taking advantage of external opportunities. For example: if there is a great demand for a service (Opportunity) and your company lacks staff to perform that service (Weakness). Survival Strategies . We achieve this strategy by joining Weaknesses and Threats. They are defensive tactics that are intended, not to strengthen or boost, to maintain their place to avoid threats from the environment in the best possible way. For example: if your company loses customers (Weakness) and at the same time the competition maintains them (Threat), one option would be to create new loyalty strategies. Tools to do a SWOT analysis And at this point Taiwan Database you may be thinking that you need a little visual aid to be able to see it and capture all this information in a clearer and easier way. Don’t worry, with any of these tools you can surely design a SWOT analysis that is easy for you to understand 🙂 XMind SWOT analysis with xmind Canva SWOT analysis with canva DGIPYME Tool SWOT analysis with ipyme SmartDraw Swot SWOT analysis with smartdraw So … What is SWOT analysis for? At this point, has it been clear to you what a SWOT analysis is for? It does not matter if your project is new or if it has already been created, it will serve you in the same way to reflect on the current situation of your company and to carry out future strategies on it .

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