How to do an A / B test and what tools to use?

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How to do an A / B test and what tools to use?

Have you ever performed an A / B test? Today we want to talk to you about them and what may be the reason why you are not converting users who visit your landing page into leads . Go for it! 🙂 What is an A / B test? An A / B test is a test on landings that is carried out to increase the% of users that transfer from one step of the conversion funnel to the next, with the aim of increasing conversions. It is based on building two versions of the same landing to measure which of the two works better. And now you may wonder how many things can I change from online mobile phone directory india one version to another? Or put another way… What exactly is tested in an A / B test? The most common elements that are usually tested in an A / B test are: Call to action’s. Its copy, size, color and location. Title or description of the product or service. Form length and field types. Layout and style (look & feel). Product price and promotional offers. Images in landings and product detail. Amount of text. But before performing an A / B test, we advise you to take into account some points about what you should and should not do in an A / B test .

Dos and Don’ts of an A / B Test Dont’s Never do A / B without having tested the control page. Don’t jump to conclusions too soon. Do not play surprises with your recurring visits, work only on new visitors. Forget taking anything for granted, even if you have experience, the results are often surprising and not very intuitive. Two Better to know in advance the duration so as not to finish a test early. Show the same variation shown to recurring visitors. Make sure the item you test is consistent across the web, on every site that appears. Do lots of tests, try and try again. Behaviors vary over time. Knowing all this, we can now get down to work to create our A / B test 😉 How to do an A / B test? This is the most elaborate step, because it is really a set of different steps that are necessary for the A / B test to be really useful and we can draw real conclusions from it. Each of these steps takes time and must be clearly defined. These steps are: 1- Define your objective.

For example: Improve KPIs: Residence time Number of page views Bounce rate Increase conversions: Sells purchases) PDF download Queries Newsletter subscription 2- Determine the duration of the test. Before doing the test, you have to take into account how long this test will last . For example, being clear about the number of users you want to reach and knowing the average number of daily visits, it will be easier for you to determine a period Taiwan Database of time. 3- Analyze which parts are necessary to change in the test. With Google Analytics you can know which is the last page your users visit, thus deducing where the problem may be and what you could change in the test to see if they otherwise advance to conversion.

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