How to easily know if a comment is spam and what to do to combat it

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How to easily know if a comment is spam and what to do to combat it

The fact that he talks about comments has a certain humor. I have hardly moderated comments in the last few months not to mention years. With the passage of time I have made the decision to focus on writing and neglect the part of the community that a blog can have and it costs so much to create. I do not recommend doing the same but in my case it is what it is. I have prioritized doing other things. comment New Zealand B2B Phone List Stock photo rights Despite seeing “0 comments” in the vast majority of recent posts, many tend to enter that are pending moderation. Most are spam . The real ones have been less and less because it is clear that a reader loses the desire to comment. Apart from not receiving an answer, you even want to see the text you have put in because it takes months to moderate. It is logical.

But hey, let’s leave the excuses aside and talk about the topic of the post. How to detect a spam comment?
1 Comment in another language
2 Very general comment
3 Comment with link
Comment in another language
The most obvious for those who have been with their blog for some time. When you are a beginner you can come to think at first that they are real and many even get approved . The joy over having received some feedback is greater than the feeling of suspicion that a comment in English or an Asian language should generate. 99.999999% of comments that are not written in Spanish by default can be said to be spam .

Very general commentNew Zealand B2B Phone List
These are already much more real and difficult to detect. They usually go like “I really liked your blog. Thanks for the content you are contributing. I have learned a lot.” These comments can be applied to any article that someone in this universe has ever written. It is usually accompanied by a strange username and / or a link to a page that sometimes has little to do with the theme of yours. They are typically scheduled and delivered via bots . We like to think that they are real but they are not. If you do not get any nuance of it that has to do with the content of your post, it is simply spam . Comment with link
When are you spamming and when are you adding value to a comment? Here’s a fine line that many bloggers interpret differently. For some it is enough to detect a link that points to the blog of the commentator . In my case I like to differentiate a little more. When the person really adds value to the content, I approve it without deleting the link. It can be considered as a kind of prize.

He probably left me a few more guys but with these I think you’re doing well. If you want to review it in more detail you can take a look at an older article on the same topic . The easiest way to combat it is not to let all the comments pass by default. In order not to go crazy with moderation, make use of plugins like Taiwan Database  that already detect a large part of spam comments . It is also true that they sometimes have “false positives”. If you want to be 100% sure it is advisable to take a look at the spam folder from time to time.

PS: I have been publishing on this blog for 8 years and it is one of the few times that I realize at the end of having finished the post that I have already written on exactly the same subject a year ago. That is why I have been forced to add to the original title “and what to do to combat it” so that it contributes at least new nuances. After more than 2,000 entries, it is difficult to keep all of them. I hope you can forgive me or that you haven’t even noticed …;)

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