How to get customers on a recurring basis for your company

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How to get customers on a recurring basis for your company

Today we will talk about how to get customers for your company in a recurring and predictable way. Many of the companies we talk to on a daily basis do not have a well-implemented sales system and this causes them to be playing with fire. The sales of a company must be planned and measured in order to know what works and what does not. In many of the cases, the activity of the commercial actions increases when the income is in danger and they are in difficult situations. As we have already commented on other times, the generation of   Costa Rica Phone Number List  leads and the acquisition of new clients are vital for a company to carry out its activity. How to attract customers with digital marketing Attracting customers is not an easy task, but there are digital alternatives that will help us achieve our goals. The digital environment is an essential scenario for any company that wants to get new clients, in fact, the lack of presence on the Internet and the lack of mastery of digital tools can mean the failure of the company today. For there to be sales thanks to digital marketing, it is necessary to get quality potential clients, whom you must educate and accompany until they are ready to purchase and become loyal customers. Types of marketing strategies that help us attract customers To sell more we have many sales strategies , but some are more profitable than others.

We are going to discuss the 2 main types of marketing strategies that can help us to get new clients. Outbound marketing or outbound marketing Outbound marketing strategies are those that go after the customer, go after him, look for where his ideal customer can be and “invade” him to sell his product or service. Inbound marketing or inbound marketing Inbound marketing strategies are focused on making the customer come to you, on attracting the customer. It is a methodology that is committed to attracting the visitor, directing him and accompanying him through the sales funnel until he becomes a customer. Inbound Marketing focuses on the search for quality potential customers who can become loyal customers and, if all goes well, into prescribers of the company itself. Inbound understands that the sales process is long and goes through different phases in which the potential customer will never be left alone. This methodology accompanies the potential customer and educates him until he is ready to purchase. Find out here: What is inbound marketing? Differences between inbound and outbound marketing Initial impact Outbound achieves greater visibility and initial impact since contacting a market niche that does not know you is not difficult, just make a few calls or send a few emails. The sale Customers go through different stages before making a purchase: Discovery, Consideration, and Decision. Outbound impacts the customer with the same message regardless of the stage they are in, while inbound modifies messages depending on the purchase phase.

The conversion Conversion measures the relationship between the number of impacts on customers and the potential customers generated. In this case, inbound achieves higher conversion rates because its message is much more aligned with the customer’s purchase status. Short term Without a doubt, short-term outbound generates greater commercial activity (activity is not equal to sales). Long-term In this case, inbound wins, since it works on comprehensive digital strategies that help us get new potential customers (leads) in a recurring and predictable way. Annual return (ROI) It is proven that if we take annual data from the marketing strategies implemented, inbound marketing generates a higher ROI (return on investment). Generation of qualified Taiwan Database leads The term “qualified” is very important in today’s sales, because thanks to digital marketing, we can reach many users, and many of them interact with us, but which of them are really interested in buying from us? Being able to qualify a lead is key to optimizing the efforts of the commercial department. Which is better, Outbound or Inbound? The answer is not really simple, because each company has a different casuistry and to say if one is better than the other would be unwise. The best thing is to know how to combine both strategies, to measure which ones are helping us to sell more and from there to stay with the ones that are generating the best results.

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