How to get subscribers through content creation on your blog

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How to get subscribers through content creation on your blog

The contents are the basis for attracting subscribers. These different types have given me good results in recent years. We continue with the series to get subscribers for your blog . This time we will analyze different types of content that convert especially well for this purpose. You have to be clear about a couple of basic principles for this: Hook Kazakhstan Phone Number List  photo rights Any content you post is a showcase for a new reader that influences their decision to come back more often. A user does not necessarily always sign up the first time and some never will. There has to be a significant incentive to achieve this with these users. You have to create positive expectations about the future. A subscriber who remains is convinced by today’s content but is signed by their expectations about what you will do tomorrow. These are the contents that in my experience of the last 10 years tend to have the greatest conversion potential. This content has several objectives. On the one hand it helps you create the foundation of your blog . Each topic has pillar content that allows a beginning reader a quicker start. They serve as an introductory guide that can be referenced frequently for more advanced topics.

This content gives a lot of credibility to the blogger because it shows that knowing how to talk about the subject with criteria. These are typically articles with more than 2,000 words. They do not always generate conversions immediately but they are essential in the previous phase to build trust. Hook content: e-books , webinars , podcasts , etc. I am not telling most anything new when I say that it takes an incentive to convince the reader to give you the most valuable thing they have: their email . Luckily this is a topic that I have already touched on in the past. Creating hook content is not that complicated but it takes time. I recently introduced a new type of content that combines interview and webinar formats. I have christened it a webivist . I’ll tell you if it brings the expected results.

Article seriesKazakhstan Phone Number List
If you frequently have the doubt if it is better to write several short posts or one long one, your perfect solution would be to create series of articles. This allows you to divide lengthy content into multiple installments in order to create positive expectations for the future . An additional incentive is the final creation of an e-book after the series is completed. This would be delivered only to people who have subscribed to your blog. If you want to deepen the subject, take a look at this post . Experiments or surveys Experiments like this can be a hook to generate recurring traffic to your blog. The more frequent you visit, the probability that someone subscribes increases. There is also a point where it goes down again because there is a type of user who Taiwan Database never subscribes to anything. Curiously, I am part of this group. A survey like this can generate curiosity about what other people have answered. If you do it right, you get the same result: recurring traffic to your blog or even a direct subscription so you don’t miss out on the results (the same applies to experiments, by the way). Creativity has no limits. You have to think further and find new formats that can generate engagement with your readers. There I leave you these ideas. Now it depends on you what you do with them and how you take advantage of them …;)

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