How to improve the loading speed of your website

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How to improve the loading speed of your website

The speed of loading web is a fundamental aspect for any web page and one of the most neglected. When working on a website you tend to focus your efforts on design, usability, navigability … But what about loading speed? If you want to learn how to improve web loading speed, pay attention. What is the loading speed of a web page? The loading speed of a web page is the time it takes for a page to fully load when a user accesses it . The slower the loading speed of a web page, the more likely it is that the user will leave that page. Why is web loading speed so important? Web loading speed is important because it directly affects the user experience . As users we are demanding and we like immediacy. That is why when a page does not load quickly we tend to   Pakistan Phone Number List  abandon it to visit another. That’s right, the faster a page’s loading speed, the higher its bounce rate will also be. The bounce rate is a metric on the dropout rate of visitors when they access a website. The bounce rate is also known as the bounce rate. Although there are several factors that can condition the bounce rate, the speed of web loading is one of the main ones. As I have mentioned, the speed of web loading directly affects the user experience. It seems that Google is betting lately on rewarding sites that offer a positive web experience to their users , proof of this are the AMPs. The speed of web loading plays a fundamental role in this regard.

How to measure the speed of your website Surely right now you are wondering about the loading speed of your website . Do you want to know how to measure the speed of your website ? There are various tools, many of them free, to measure the loading speed of your website. Today I’m going to focus on Google’s PageSpeed ​​Insights, although there are others like Pingdom or . Google PageSpeed ​​Insights PageSpeed ​​Insights is a free tool from Google that analyzes the content of a web page to indicate its loading speed. PageSpeed ​​Insights distinguishes between loading speed for the mobile and desktop versions. In addition, this Google speed test also provides information on the aspects that slow down your website and that you have to work better. PageSpeed ​​Insights results are ordered from 0 to 100, with 0 being the lowest score and 100 being the highest. Also, this punctuation can be accompanied by a red exclamation point, an orange one, or a green check mark. The red exclamation point alerts you to slow upload speeds. Fixing those issues that slow down the web could have a measurable impact on page performance. The orange exclamation mark is indicative of medium upload speeds. Working a little on the aspects that PageSpeed ​​Insights indicates you could achieve a faster website. Lastly, the green check mark is the one that refers to fast loading web pages. This means that you have done a good job of this.

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Problems of having a slow web loading time Having a slow web loading speed can translate into a high bounce rate and therefore lost sales and leads. If a potential customer enters your website because he wants to buy a product from your online store and leaves it because your page takes too long to load, you will be losing a sale. In addition, that customer will end up buying the product in another store, so you will be favoring your own competition. But don’t worry, don’t despair because having a slow web loading speed has a solution. How to improve the loading speed of your website The choice of hosting When we start a project from scratch it is normal that we try to minimize initial expenses. One of the first decisions in any web project is the one that has to do with the choice of hosting. Saving money by choosing our hosting can be expensive in the long run. Mid-range and low-end servers tend to bring slow speeds, since they are shared servers in which there may be a simultaneous connection of several users that causes the hosting to collapse. The choice of CMS A CMS or Content Management System is another of the initial steps in a web project. The CMS is a content management system and we must optimize it to reduce the loading speed of our website. WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are three of the best known content managers. Optimize the theme you use   Taiwan Database  and do smart plugin management to reduce loading times. Optimize images It is clear that the use of images on a web page plays in favor of the user experience. It is important that the images are optimized in both size and weight to reduce load times.

There are free online tools like to optimize the size and weight of images. Gzip compression In many cases, the HTML and CSS files of a web page take up too much space on the servers. Gzip compresses the files of a web page, saving bandwidth and speeding up the loading speed of the web page. All you have to do to enable Gzip compression is add a code snippet to the “.htaccess” file, located at the root of the server. Browser cache Another good way to improve loading speed is by caching files and objects in your browser. In this way, when you access a website for the second time there will be files and objects that do not have to be reloaded, such as logos or CSS files. To specify the browser cache you have to add a code fragment, as we have said with Gzip compression, in the “.htaccess” file at the root of the server. Taking into account all these tips, you are sure to make your website go like lightning. What other tricks to improve web loading speed do you know? Feel free to share them with us through the comments.

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