How to invest your time on a day that you do not publish to increase your blog traffic

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How to invest your time on a day that you do not publish to increase your blog traffic

The time has come to improve the blog. These are the essential tasks that you must perform when you do not release new content.
You already know that not posting can be a great way to reach new readers . The fact that one day you do not get a new post on your blog does not mean that now you can relax. It is rather the opposite. You may even take longer with the tasks that I am going to propose than with what it takes you on average to write an entry. blog Colombia Cell Phone Numbers List  photo rights Let’s get to the point that we have come for that. A “magic” way to increase traffic to your blog is by uploading positions in Google. Let’s look at some maintenance and improvement tasks that we can do right now. Cleaning the labels One of the drawbacks of this blog is the large number of tags that have only been used in one post. This has generated something that Google does not like a hair: pages with very little content (” thin content “). It is a problem that you can also have in yours. In this post I presented different ways to attack this work (which I still have pending).

Update existing content
Many users look at the publication date when searching in the search engine. Google has noticed this and gives preference to more recent content. Therefore, it may make sense to update posts that have already been published for years by making small changes. In the end, the date must be changed so that Google once again takes this content into account. I have been doing the radical version of this optimization for a couple of months through this experiment . Improve SEO Onpage One of the essential tasks of SEO Onpage is internal links. Wikipedia, for example, does not only rank so well in Google for the quality of its content. It also has a lot to do with the internal structure at the level of references within the articles in the form of internal links. ” Quick Wins ” can be achieved by identifying keywords positioned in the top 20 of Google that with 3-4 internal links have the potential to jump to the first page. Here it is essential to vary the anchor and not always use the same keyword but variations of it, including if it is possible to use synonyms.

Community TasksColombia Phone Number List
SEO is not everything in the life of a blogger. In the end you live from your community and not from the visits that Google brings you. Sometimes this can go hand in hand but do not forget that there are people behind each visit. Comment on “competition” blogs
It is never bad to be seen in other blogs in the sector. Years ago I said that competition in the world of blogging does not exist . I admit that now the climate has been changing and this romantic vision of the Spanish-speaking Taiwan Database  may no longer be as accurate as it was at the time of publication. Although we do not have to be all friends, we can participate in each other’s blogs. The essential thing is not to spam anyone but to add value . In these cases we will get more benefit from our comments since it will generate more interest and curiosity towards us on the part of the readers who read it.

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