How to know the visits of a website: online tools

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How to know the visits of a website: online tools

How many visits does my website have? If you have a web page, a blog or an online store, you have surely ever asked yourself this question. Web visits, what we know as web traffic , are a fundamental aspect. It is important to know the visits of a website in order to apply the most appropriate SEO strategies . In this post I show you how to know the visits of a website quickly and easily through various online tools. Download the free guide on: How to improve visits to your website, thanks to SEO positioning. > download here < What is web traffic Web traffic consists of the amount of data that users send and receive from a website . By web traffic we understand the visits that a website receives and the number of page views of it. Web traffic is the traffic that reaches a web page through the different channels that exist. how to know the visits of a web Why and how to know the visits of a website Knowing how many visits a website has   Bahamas Phone Number List  will allow you to act accordingly. Knowing the number of visits to your website will help you evaluate your strategies and see their effectiveness. If web traffic is low, it may be because you are not using the proper SEO strategy . But don’t worry, there is a solution. Analyzing the visits of your website is useful to adopt new strategies that improve traffic . It may also be that you are interested in how to know the visits of a foreign website. Knowing the visits of an external website is useful to analyze the competition .

This analysis will allow you to check if your competitors’ strategies are effective. To know the visits of your own web page as of those of a third party web there are online tools. Tools to know how many visits a website has There are various tools that an SEO agency uses to know how many visits a website has. If you are interested in measuring web traffic, do not miss the following list with the best online tools . Google analytics Google Analytics is the most complete tool to know the visits of a web page , as well as much more information. It is the most used tool to consult and analyze web traffic. To access Google Analytics data, it is necessary to be the webmaster of the page or that it gives you access . The data on web traffic that Google Analytics provides is the most reliable compared to that offered by other tools that I talk about below. But if what you want is how to know the visits of a foreign website, this tool will not help you, since they are private. With Google Analytics, in addition to analyzing the visits to your website , you will be able to: Generate reports Synchronize with your Google AdWords account To establish objectives Create filters Control conversions Or create custom alerts , among many other things Alexa Alexa is another online tool that we can use when what we need is to see the traffic of a website .

Alexa has a free version and a paid version . The paid version is much more complete and has great potential. However, with the free version we can, in addition to analyzing web traffic, analyze which countries the visits mainly come from , check the bounce rate , see the number of page views per user and the average time of each visit, the keywords that more traffic they generate , the evolution of searches in recent months and the channels with the highest influx of web traffic. SimilarWeb SimilarWeb is a fantastic tool to know the visits of a website . It is a free online tool that provides complete and valuable data on the web traffic that you want to analyze. SimilarWeb allows you to know the total visits of a web page , provides a graph with the evolution of traffic in the last 6 tables, allows you to check the page views per user and the average time per visit. Likewise, it lets you know the bounce rate , the keywords that generate the most traffic and know from which channels the web traffic comes .

MuStat MuStat is a very simple and easy to use free online tool . MuStat has the peculiarity of indicating how much a website is worth . In addition, MuStat is also interesting if what you want is to know the visits of a website , since it allows to know the number of visitors that a page receives per day, per week, per month and per year. MuStat also provides general information about the page and what is its performance. Sistrix The last tool on this Taiwan Database  list is Sistrix . It is a German payment tool that, unlike the other tools in the list, allows you to know the visibility index of a website and compare it with that of other pages. This comparative functionality is very interesting if what you want is to analyze the competition . Sistrix also allows you to check at a glance if the SEO strategies that are being carried out are effective and if there has been any change in the Google algorithm. And you, what tools do you use to know the visits of a web page? Feel free to share them with us through the comments. I hope this post on how to know the visits of a website is useful to you.

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