How to Make a Fanzine by Hand?

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How to Make a Fanzine by Hand?

If what you want is to know how to make a fanzine by hand, let’s see the materials you need. The main characteristic of the handmade fanzine is that you can use the material or artistic painting technique that best suits you to create it, as long as they add value to your idea and the concept of the fanzine you want to develop. Materials to make a fanzine by hand To make a traditional fanzine, you start with the sketch of the creative idea. To do this, you can use the following tools when creating your fanzine: Lead pencils to sketch to achieve greater detail in the drawing. Rules and squares to compose the fanzine and develop grids. Rapidograph for inking, detailing and screening. Copic pens or markers, colored acrylic markers or liquid acrylic.

Likewise, paper is one of the most important tools when creating a fanzine, since it is the editorial support that will allow its physical distribution. So what should you keep in mind when choosing the paper for your fanzine? Pay attention to the characteristics of the paper, that is, the opacity and texture they present. Depending on the weight, texture, color or transparency of the paper, the final finish of your fanzine will vary. Steps to India Phone Number a fanzine Very well, it’s time to learn the steps to make a fanzine by hand. As a first point, it is advisable to start with the page layout, template or plan on which you can decide what content will appear on each page. The structure of the fanzine will also allow you to recognize which are the numbers that are opposed on each page.

Materials to Make a Fanzine by Hand

To make a pillar, you only need to fold an A4 sheet four times and cut them so that they are as seen in the image: how to make a fanzine by hand Then, indicate which is the front and back cover of the fanzine, and place the page numbers according to how they have to be joined or printed at the end. In the image, for example, page 1 goes with page 16 and page 2 with page 15. These numbers will vary depending on the characteristics of the fanzine and its length. How to make a digital fanzine? On the other hand, you can also create a digital fanzine using Word, InDesign or Photoshop. If this is your first time evaluating how to make a digital fanzine, we recommend starting with the first program. Although, if you have knowledge in both softwares, you can also create a fanzine in them.

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In the following lines, we tell you what you should take into account in each one: 1. Word In case you want to learn how to make a digital fanzine in Word, we share with you the step by step to make a fanzine by Mon Magán , artistic educator specialized in the creation of fanzines, take note: Open a new document in Word. Go to the “Page Layout” tab , click on the “Margins” option and select “Custom Margins”. Immediately, a pop-up window will appear, in which you must look for the “Pages” section and click on “Several pages”. In the same window, you will need to modify the margins. To do this, increase the inner margin to have more space when folding your fanzine. Then, in “Page Setup” you must choose the size of the paper.

Steps to Make a Fanzine

If you’re using an A4 sheet, you’ll need to select that option. Finally, save all the changes. Ready! You already know how to make a digital fanzine in Word. Now, you just have to make sure to include relevant content with the text tools. And of course include images as well. How to make a fanzine in wordImage: Pexels 2.InDesign. On the other hand, if you know how to use this design program, you can also learn how to make a fanzine in a matter of seconds. The advantage of making a fanzine in InDesign is that you can set the structure of the fanzine, that is, the page layout, in the same tool. To help you with this task, we share with you the steps to make a fanzine in InDesign that Mon Magán included on his website: Open InDesign and create a document.

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