How to Make a Fashion Moodboard?

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How to Make a Fashion Moodboard?

Now that you know what a fashion moodboard is and what it is for, you surely want to delve into the steps that will lead you to make yours. Before telling you about the procedure, we want to share with you the process carried out by Sylvia Ortiz, designer of Vitamina , a clothing store in Argentina, to build the fashion moodboard for her brand: “Together with my team we get together and bring to the table images and objects that illustrate what each one perceives as a valid starting point to propose a collection concept. All the ideas are evaluated and we select the ones that excite us the most, and then we develop them and capture them as a moodboard.” In the words of the expert, this process may seem simple, however, to avoid confusion, below, we will explain how to make a fashion mood board step by step.

Pay attention to the following lines: 1. Define the main idea Any fashion project begins with an idea, a concept, a theme or an emotion, which later translates as its main objective. Therefore, you have to gather as much information as possible to then start with the creation of our fashion moodboard. 2. Choose the colors Picking and choosing colors on a fashion mood Belarus Phone Number is crucial, as this factor will bring your design to life, and define the style and tone of the project you have in mind. To do this, we recommend starting with one color and its entire color range, or with two or three contrasting colors. Also, do not forget to take into account the personality of your brand, the season, the theme and the style you want for your clothes.

Define the Main Idea

Instagram Stories: Templates for Clothing Startups Instagram Stories: Templates for Clothing Startups Design stories like a professional! Download our resource for FREE and start designing high-quality stories.  Download 3. Define the support It is about defining the support for your fashion moodboard, that is, where you will place all the images and elements to inspire you. It can be a cork board with pins, a cardboard or cloth hanging on a wall or on a wooden board. At this point, you can choose whatever resource is most practical for you. Now, if you want to skip this step, you can also create a fashion mood board online; Later we will explain how. 4. Find the inspiration you need Search, choose and select all the elements that inspire you and allow you to materialize that new garment or collection that you have in mind.

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Remember that you can choose any type of accessory to place on your fashion design moodboard, from a photograph, a fabric cutout and a T-shirt, to shoes, earrings, necklaces or sequins. Feel free and let nothing cut your inspiration! woman creating fashion design moodboardImage: Pexels 5. Focus on the details After you have made the most of your creativity and once your fashion moodboard is ready, you should start focusing on the details. First, we recommend that you give prominence to those elements of your fashion inspiration panel that most represent the idea or the main objective of your project. To do this, what often works is to surround the accessories or elements with other smaller ones that deal with the same theme on which you are working. In this way, by staying focused on that idea.

Find the Inspiration You Need

By the way, if one of the elements causes you some discomfort or doubt, it is best to remove it. As you may have noticed, today there are more and more activities that can be carried out using different digital tools. So much so, that the same thing happens with fashion moodboards. Let’s take a look at 4 of the most popular platforms that, believe it or not, are indisputably useful when it comes to creating an inspiration board. 1. Canvas Canva is one of the easiest tools to use to create a fashion mood board, as well as being completely free. If you decide to opt for this platform to make your next inspiration panel, we recommend you follow the following steps: Select one of the moodboard templates or create your own using the custom dimensions. Choose a format for your inspiration moodboard.

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