How to make a marketing plan?

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How to make a marketing plan?

The marketing plan is a very important point for any company that wants to be successful in the internet world. Many people and specialists have called the marketing plan a ‘map’, since it helps us to know how and where we should get to a specific place. For companies it is essential to have a well-developed and detailed marketing plan ; This is aimed at both large and small companies. But, nevertheless, today there are still many who go online to advertise without being clear about the Marketing strategy they should use or a specific plan. So that this is not your case, in this article we want to provide you with all the necessary information regarding how to make a marketing plan . What is a marketing plan? The marketing plan is a document in the form of a mobile number in china presentation or in text format that includes: Market studies carried out by the company. The marketing objectives to be achieved. the strategies to be implemented. The planning to carry it out. In other words, a marketing plan is a guide that tells the company the steps to follow at all times . This document usually stipulates a developed investigation, the deployment of its economic viability, the setting of short and long-term objectives and the timing of actions to be carried out, among many others. Thus, the company will know what is the best way to attract customers and what KPIs to measure. The marketing plan is usually valid for one year , so it is advisable to renew it annually and thus update the objectives, study the market again, study the competition and also study the public. On the other hand, its renewal also helps to evaluate what has been achieved and to propose new actions to adapt to a new reality.

Although the work can be great, it is important to check that everything has worked correctly and that everything that has been implemented has been achieved. As well as evaluating the current situation and the positioning of the company in the market where it is focused. Importance of the marketing plan Marketing is usually characterized by measuring everything that happens in the company and what surrounds it in order to create a better experience for the customer. Thus we are improving services and products, and also, optimizing the ways in which the company can connect with its customers or future and potential customers. To fulfill this task, it is essential to start from an exhaustive investigation, in this way, there will be greater security that the strategies that the company develops are correctly oriented and planned. As mentioned above, the objective of a marketing plan is not only to develop a roadmap that directs the entire company , but also to develop a justification for the actions to be carried out and detail how to achieve the objectives set. Thanks to this, it will be possible to continue growing and build the foundations so that customer traffic is constantly increasing. To summarize in several points, the marketing plan is important because of the following: Makes you know your competition better . It works to find out our market share and get a broader view of the sector.

It allows to mark a communication strategy, also to propose actions focused on the objectives of the company and to guarantee that they are totally coherent with each other. It allows you to plan your actions over a year or for as long as the marketing plan is established. This allows you to know how much budget you should allocate for each of the aforementioned actions. Periodic evaluations may be carried out to check the ROI and in this way, take improvement actions if necessary. Structure For a marketing plan to be developed in an adequate way, it must contain the following structure: Analytical Marketing : This refers to the initial research , which includes information from the company itself as well as from the competition and the market. Strategic Taiwan Database marketing part : After in-depth research, the strategy to be followed with the marketing plan must be defined . Operational marketing : At this point, we base ourselves on the actions that are going to be developed to carry out the silver strategy . Also its economic viability. This section addresses the 4 Ps of marketing: Product, Price, Point of sale and Promotion . goals Make the company known to the target audience: In this objective, actions will be defined to be able to impact new users for the first time and make them remember us . Success can be measured in specific metrics or numbers of hits. As, for example, market studies that can buy the knowledge of the company before, and after a campaign. Increase market share: The increase in market share is closely related to the study carried out on the competition. The position of a brand in the market is mostly relative.

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