How to never run out of ideas when publishing a post – my personal strategy

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How to never run out of ideas when publishing a post – my personal strategy

Do you often go blank when publishing a post? This is my personal strategy to always have an idea at hand for the next post.
I have written several times on the subject of generating ideas for articles when it comes to having a new blog post. It is one of the challenges faced by the vast majority of bloggers. generate Albania Phone Number Listphoto rights When someone finds out that I write every day they are surprised and the question arises as to how I come up with so many ideas to generate new content. Before treating the subject in detail, I will give you a quick answer. Not publishing is not an option . What if “today I do not feel inspired” does not serve me. Blogging is a kind of challenge that requires continuous training. Breaking the snake is not part of my plans . Inspiration finds me working (okay, this phrase is stolen). Bad posts and good posts . You will find everything in this blog. Depending on your level of knowledge, you will be more or less strict with me but I am not afraid to show you my disheveled side and without makeup. In order to shine, there must also be darkness. I am aware of the limitations of publishing daily and (no longer) it scares me.
Better consistent than excellent . If you ask me if I’d rather have a company like Apple for a while or be Yahoo! For years, I would go for the second option. History has shown that excellence is temporary. It is much easier to maintain a high level for a long time being constant than to be forever on top of everything. Therefore, it is not surprising that I am more into marathons than sprints …;)
With that said, I share with you some of the things that work best for me.

The idea generation process is not punctual but continuous Despite not planning my content too much, I usually always have an idea at hand for the next post. I don’t think about when I have to publish but directly and indirectly I make use of dead times to find topics I could write about. The good news is that writing a lot also generates a lot of new ideas. It is a vicious circle…;)
Sport, a lot of sport I have been preparing marathons for 10 years. When I’m not signed up for a marathon, I usually only go out on the weekend. For a couple of months I have been with an application with which I do daily exercises from Monday to Friday. Therefore, I practice sports on a daily basis, which helps me to empty my mind and then fill it with new ideas.

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I get a lot of inspiration from social media. Sometimes it is surprising what only one headline can generate in your head. Sometimes we just need a spark for the brain to start raining ideas. Obviously this does not always happen but if you don’t try it frequently, you will never have it. I do a lot of things I don’t spend all day reading blogs. My inspiration comes mainly from my first-person experience. I do many things so I can share a lot of the projects Taiwan Database that I am launching and burying. Fortunately, posts do not always have to be based on successes, but above all things that do not work are interesting in order to learn from the mistakes of others.

If you are interested in knowing more specific techniques, you can read this post about generating ideas for new articles. It is already more than 4 years old but it goes to the point summarizing what many bloggers already apply. As always in this type of post, I have to mention that what works for me does not necessarily have to bring you the same benefits. In the end there is no other to try and do things. It’s the only way I know to get anywhere.

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