How to profit from a blog for more than 10 years – my personal strategy

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How to profit from a blog for more than 10 years – my personal strategy


Sticking with a blog for months can already be a challenge for many. Is it even possible to write frequently for more than 10 years? I have not been with the blog for 10 years yet, but those who know me know that it is possible that I exceeded that period. I take this of blogging more as a lifestyle than considering it as a project. 10th birthday Dominican Republic Phone Number List photo rights Many bloggers leave after a few weeks, although enduring beyond these first days is possible if you are clear about it . Nobody thinks about having a blog for more than 10 years because it simply does not make sense to plan so long because of the unforeseen events that may arise, changes of interests and the turns that your life can take. We all like to earn money. In the end it is a survival activity because you have to pay the mortgage and cover the daily expenses. You have to live on something, that is clear.

But when we talk about the long term you have to find a motivation beyond the economic. Our passions drive us every day. We are capable of getting excited about “bullshit” or at least that is how a person who does not share the same passion would classify it.
You are a blogger because you like to write, because you like to be read because it is a way of leaving a small mark on the world. Even if your blog does not have visits today, it may be that later on, a little content of yours may change the life of another human being that you do not know at all tomorrow. I have a broad definition of the benefit received That is the magic of blogging. That is why I write every day. My definition of benefit accordingly is not purely economic, although today I am able to live the life I have always wanted.

I don’t have yachts or Ferraris but I don’t need them either. Profit is also measured in karma . When you receive a message from a reader where he tells you that thanks to your content he has set up a blog, has started running, a start-up has been launched , etc. you realize that words can generate actions in other people and that is something that is priceless . I don’t always do what I have to do, but what I feel like doing Having a passion for something is fine but keeping that flame alive without burning yourself is not always obvious. At the blogging level, I have not always followed the best strategy but the most appropriate one.Dominican-Republic Phone Number List

This means that I do not have a hyper-optimized blog for SEO, I do not always touch the most popular content, I do not work on posts as if there was no tomorrow but rather do what I want. I am fortunate to be able to afford this luxury because today it no longer changes my life. Even so, I think that following your own line even if it is not the most recommended at that time can lead to success (depending on what this means for you) if you are able to hold out long enough. I do not think it is possible to profit from a blog for that long . There are always exceptions but it is complicated, if you do not have a motivation beyond. If you are able to Taiwan Database  broaden your horizon, doing what you really like and want (although this is not always what the blogging bible says) you can go very far.
Turning 10 years with a blog should not become an obsession. If you have a good time, you will get there without too much effort. We’ll see…

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