How to show credibility when you “speak” on your blog

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How to show credibility when you “speak” on your blog

“Credibility” is something you need if you want your readers to listen to you. There are better ways to achieve it and worse ways to lose it. “I’ve already seen it all.” No, that way of “talking” on your blog is not the way to show credibility on your blog. More than anything it shows that you are conceited and arrogant. It is probably not what interests you the most that someone who visits your blog for the first time thinks of you. Sri-Lanka Phone Number List photo rights I’m lucky that I don’t really know how to write formally in Spanish. This has led me inadvertently to develop a close tone on the blog . I write as I speak and I speak as I write . I do not have any other option. It is the biggest “secret” not to create a distance between you and your readers.

Make use of short phrases . People get lost easily if you write paragraphs (I am not sure if this word exists or if I just made it up). Use simple terms that people use on the street (avoid technical terms that nobody understands because it takes you away from people who do not understand you). Put emotion in your “voice” with exclamations and / or capital letters but use it very carefully so as not to sound like a loudmouth because sometimes it can generate the feeling that you are screaming. When you “speak” closely you have the opportunity to strike a chord with the reader. Suddenly you realize that there are people who listen to you. Everyday situations make many of them able to put themselves in your shoes because they have lived similar moments in their lives. It is only a way of showing credibility because the reader tells that you share the same experiences. It brings you closer to him and adds a lot of confidence to your words. Sri-Lanka Phone Number List

Provide data when you talk about facts . No reader likes to read “this and this is so because I tell you.” It provides figures from studies and / or practical cases. In this way you show that you only rely on what you think but that you look for additional external sources to add more information to the content. Your own experience still adds a lot of value . Especially in fields where there are no market studies to contrast what you say. Every detail counts. Don’t hide your mistakes. You are not Superman so don’t try to portray that image. Sharing mistakes makes your successes have more credibility. Admit when you’re wrong . It is the little “flaw” that human beings have. Luckily not always everyone notices it but it is not bad to admit when you have “screwed up”. Show that you are sincere and that you know when you are wrong. Credibility doesn’t make you more Taiwan Database likable, but it builds trust. Tell stories, provide data, share mistakes and successes to achieve it. Speak wisely and shut your mouth when you don’t have it. It is the best advice I can give you not to lose it.

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