How to start a blog and get readers before publishing the first post

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How to start a blog and get readers before publishing the first post


Starting a blog requires more than hours of work. I will launch a new one shortly and these steps help you to go faster with your own project. The beginnings are the most complicated. Starting a blog is not only an accumulation of tasks and hours but also overcoming the fear of failure. We fear that no one will read to us and at the same time it scares us that many may do so and then start giving birth because they don’t like the content. blog Kenya Phone Number List photo rights Launching a new blog is like taking off a Band-Aid. Either you do it hard or it will be worse . The reader’s “no” we already have now we have to go for the “yes”. Being afraid is human but being held back by it is cowardly. You have to get out of your comfort zone because life is a heap of new experiences and it does not consist of living on memories. Soon I will start my adventure of launching 6 new blogs. In this post I will give you some clues about what I have planned and share some tips that you can still apply in your own project. In some parts I will get to the point if I give it more lapses by providing external references in case you want to deepen issues that I take for granted in this post.

Don’t think twice about whether WordPress or Blogger is better . Stop fooling around and start a professional blog and then not regret that you can’t do cool things because you’ve chosen the Google platform. If you are really serious about starting a blog, there should be no doubt that your choice should be WordPress . Add a legal notice : avoid problems from the beginning. Even if you are a “legal” type, it is not enough to avoid being sued. You need a page on your blog for it and this digital lawyer explains what you have to take into account. Pages for managing subscribers : you have to create 3 pages for managing subscribers. In case of using the double opt-in where the user has to confirm the subscription by email, you must create one that I like to call “You are almost there” where you remind him to go to his inbox to permanently enter your list. The second would be the page where you give thanks for the subscription. The third would be for those who are already subscribed to avoid getting the default error (typically in English) of the email marketing tool you are using. Create a contact page : On the last page you should include a link to your contact page.

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2. Create a landing page with Leadpages

Leadpages is one of my favorite online marketing tools . Never before has it been so easy to create a professional landing page that also generates the desired results. It is ideal to sign up for the launch phase of a new blog because it is free for 30 days and you can use it during this time. If you don’t follow the pages that you have created with it, they will disappear. In this post you will find a short guide to get started with Leadpages . Create a landing page where you announce that you are going to launch a blog : send everyone you know to that page. The first subscribers will be the people close to you. Make “spam” on your Facebook page, in WhatsApp groups, on Skype or when talking on the phone with a friend. Organize a quiz through the blog : did you know that quizzes are the perfect way to generate brutal traffic? I have been researching the theme and it seems that this is the best WordPress plugin to do it (and it is also free). I will dedicate a separate post to this topic because it requires more depth (also I still lack data to be able to talk about the subject with more criteria).

Promote the quiz with Facebook Ads : yes, a blog costs money. You probably spend ten times more on tobacco, Gin Tonics, Mc Donalds or other things that in the long run will give you less than your own blog if you do things right. Don’t be afraid to spend 50-100 euros on a campaign with Facebook Ads to get 100-500 readers from day one. You have Taiwan Database this free e-book where I tell you everything I know about the subject or if you prefer I can also tell you in person in this face- to- face course that I will soon teach in Madrid and Barcelona. Host a webinar to launch with greater force Creating a blog is nothing more than launching an online project from scratch . In the field of marketing I have a special fondness for launches of any kind. I have even devoted a full course to the subject. The subject of webinars I have touched on several times lately. The feedback has been practically nil but this will not stop me from continuing to recommend it for the power it has. In fact, I invite you to propose topics if you want to even organize one together with me.

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