How to take advantage of the Google search engine

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How to take advantage of the Google search engine

The Google search engine has become an essential tool for any Internet user. When we have any questions that arise, most of us always turn to him to find the right information. But sometimes, we do not know how to search or how to get to the specific information we are looking for. In this post we have gathered some of the best tricks to get the most out of the Google search engine. Tricks to take advantage of the Google search engine How to find an exact phrase Many times we want to find a certain phrase or quote, but when we search, hundreds of results appear and we do not know which of all to choose. To search for that exact phrase, what we have to do is put it in quotation marks (“) and in this case, the search engine will offer us the results in which that phrase appears as you have written it and will appear on the first pages. We can’t find the right word   Jordan Phone Number List  Sometimes we are doing a search but we do not remember any of the words or the right concept to put in that phrase does not come to mind. In this case, Google helps us by looking for that word, how? using an asterisk (*) where the word should go in the sentence. The search engine will show us results that can fit into that phrase: replace the asterisk with the word that he thinks is appropriate. Exclude a specific word If you want to further refine your search result, it is convenient to exclude certain words so that that search is more specific. To exclude that word, what we have to do is use a hyphen (-) in front of the word and, in that way, Google will ignore it and you will get a more specific result. Search on a specific website If what we want is to focus our search on a specific website, what we must do is write ‘site:’ in front of the website name and then the domain.

Make comparisons If what you want to do is make comparisons between products, foods, places … to see which one convinces you the most, all you have to do is put the versus “VS” sign between the two terms you want to search for. Meaning of a word Google also helps us to find the definitions of words very easily. To find its definition, what you have to do is put in the search engine the word “define:” followed by a colon and then the word. At that time the search engine will offer us the results of the definitions of that word that are hosted on the network. Perform a specific search We can adjust our search since Google allows you to search only in news, books, maps, images … Image Search If what you need is to search for a certain image, Google allows you to search only for images. And, in addition, if you press the camera button you can upload any photo and the search engine will show you images similar to yours. Search by format In case we need to search for contents related to a specific term but in a certain file format we will have to write ‘filetype:’ followed by the letters of the type of document we are looking for. For example, if we look for the manual of a product in pdf we will write: manual camera filetype: pdf. Calculator Google is not simply a search engine and goes further by acting as a calculator.

In this case, to solve a mathematical doubt we only have to write the operation in the search bar and Google will automatically show us the result. It is also a converter We can also use Google as a converter for units and currencies. We must enter the concept we want to convert in the search box and it will automatically show us the result. For example: “100 euros in pesetas”. It also works for other types of units such as weight or distance. Generate alerts Google search also offers us an alert service through which we will be sent an email every time a news item related to the search term we want appears. Time zone If we write time zone   Taiwan Database  and then the place in the world from which we want to know its time, the search engine will automatically show us the time of that place as well as the date. Advanced search To make our search much more specific, we can do an advanced search that will help us narrow down the results more. We can choose the language, region, last update … In this way we refine the result much more. As you have seen, the Google search engine goes much further than searching for words or websites, and offers us a wide range of possibilities to carry out specific and specific searches.

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