How to turn a negative comment into a source of inspiration

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How to turn a negative comment into a source of inspiration

A review weighs more than 100 congratulations for a job well done. We cannot avoid it, it is the criticism that does not let us sleep. Stop and turn it into a positive. At first I had a bad habit of responding earlier to criticism on this blog than to those people who even congratulated me on the content provided. Without realizing it, many times you feel that need to be loved by even those who criticize you the most. negative comment  Canada Business Phone List Adobe Stock photo rights Now  I have barely moderated comments because I prioritize the creation of new content over the creation of a community on this blog. In the end you have to be aware of what you want to achieve with a blog and I am lucky that after almost 10 years I do not need to have confirmation in the form of visits and comments to continue writing. How I imagine a person who criticizes me The more someone criticizes me, the more sorry I usually get. I am not referring to a constructive comment but to those who seek destruction by targeting your supposed weak points. You will quickly notice the difference if you have not been with this for a long time. This always crosses my mind.

What need does the person have to want to make my day so bitter? The answer is simple because I or you are not really to blame for the situation. That person had a very bad day . Maybe he has separated from the couple, has just received a traffic ticket or his parents have taken away his monthly payment for bad behavior. In the end he comes across your content and feels the deep need to share that discomfort with someone. More than a response to the comment, that person would need a hug. With someone I feel sorry for, I can’t get mad. Something that arises from a reason beyond my control cannot make me angry. I’m not going to use my energy to get into a futile debate for everyone potentially involved .

Find a source of motivation beyondCanada Business Phone List
Critical comments affect me like anyone else but in exchange for before they are like that short sensation of removing a plaster. It bothers you for a moment but then you move on to the next thing. With this blog I came to the conclusion that I was going to write especially for myself because it is the perfect way to capture my progress, my learning, etc. and incidentally share it with people who are interested. I am also infinitely motivated by the thought that my children will one day pass through here to get to know me even a little better. It is a very powerful motivation beyond me. No view or comment metric will measure up to the same lasting effect on me. Also Taiwan Database I don’t have to prove anything to anyone anymore at least in terms of blogging. I have been with this for a decade and practically from the beginning publishing daily. If you want to read me well, you are more than invited / a / … and if you do not like it or I do not contribute , nothing happens . If you want to use your angry energy for something when you are criticized, do it to continue creating new content. The best answer is action and not justification. He or she who wants to hurt you through a comment does not deserve your attention.

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