How to Use Figma?

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How to Use Figma?

Until now, knowing what Figma is and its virtues has helped you understand that, given the great advance of new technologies, this platform will soon evolve towards much larger and more adaptable functionalities. Now, if you are wondering how to use Figma, it is quite simple and intuitive. To use Figma, you just need to open your browser and sign up . It includes a version control with which you will be able to know when it was updated for the last time and will give you the security of working with the correct version. Figma’s interface is very similar to other applications like Sketch or Adobe XD, since you’ll find tools like the following: Shapes. Images. Components. Bookstores. Prototyping. Even user feedback!

Explaining how to use all of Figma’s tools would take several articles, so we’ve compiled the first steps you need to take to start getting familiar with this tool. figma record 1. Review the interface of Figma Once you sign in, the first thing you’ll see is a home screen with a small menu on the left. From there, you will be able to sort all your figma projects. This tool offers default resources, but they are not the only ones. According to the Figma portal , there are other resources available to be used by users, so you will find many more, such as Guatemala Phone Number  or assets. That is to say that Figma gives you two options: you can use it from the browser or download an application. figma interface 2. Configure local fonts By default, Figma is available with all fonts available in Google Fonts.

Review the Interface of Figma

However, if what you want is to use the fonts that you have on your computer, you will have to carry out a small procedure. Figma Fonts Once you are in this section, you must take care of the following: Go to the preferences menu (click on your username). Look for the “Fonts” option. Click on the Download button. Then a dialog box will appear. Follow the walkthrough. Once configured, you will be able to see the number of available fonts you have in Figma. 3. Create a frame A frame is a delimited space to work with and this is one of the most intuitive Figma tools. To create it in Figma, you can do it through the same tool or with the shortcuts (F or A).

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Figma frame Then, on the right side of the screen, you will see the default sizes offered by Figma, which are actually the most common in the industry. Frame sizes figma 4. Create components If you’re familiar with Sketch, creating a component in Figma is just as easy. First, locate the top bar. You will find three icons. Click on the “Create a component” icon, which is a kind of diamond. Now, you will be able to see your components on the left side of your screen. figma components 5. Set up your team in Figma This is one of the most useful Figma features. By creating and setting up a team, you will be able to work in real time with others involved in the project. To do this, you must perform the following steps.

Configure Local Fonts

At the bottom left, click the “New Team” button. A screen will appear where you can name it. After passing the screen in which Figma explains its plans, you can configure your team photo, place a description or add members. figma team 6. Create your first project in Figma Ready! We are almost done with this summary of the main features of Figma. It’s time to create our first project. To get started, you must comply with the following protocols: Go to your team, in the left sidebar. Once you are on this screen, locate the “New Project” button, located in the upper right. Give it a name and you will be able to see the different permissions that exist both for editing and for those who can only see the progress. figma project As you can see, knowing what Figma is and everything it encompasses can mean multiple.

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