How to write an e-mail to contact bloggers if you want to create an e-book for your subscribers

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How to write an e-mail to contact bloggers if you want to create an e-book for your subscribers

Most of the people who contact a blogger do not achieve their goal. In this post I present a template to achieve third-party content for an e-book. You can be the best blogger, copywriter, freelancer , etc. of the world but when you start from scratch nobody will notice it. Your Twitter Card will end up in oblivion because there is no one who can see it because today very few people follow you. Do not trust viral marketing theories because they are based on chaotic processes that depend a bit on chance and it is not something that works for you if you are interested in having guaranteed traffic and / or contacts when you make the effort to create attractive content. Mail for Norway Phone Number List photo rights The hook is one of the most important parts because the success of your recruitment of new contacts will largely depend on it. So the first thing would be to think of something that will add a lot of value to your target audience. As a general rule “less is not more but less” at least in this context. This means in terms of digital hooks, long e-books work better than short ones, longer webinars or parts better than short online seminars, etc.

Template to write an email to a blogger with whom you want to collaborate
Another fundamental part is that content from several authors works better than from just one. All these quantity factors are related to the perceived quality that usually increases in the eyes of the user. So the best advice I can give you is to ask several people in your industry to contribute additional content to the hook. If you ask for something without a financial contribution, make sure it is easy to give you what you need. Contact by mail in this way (or similar): Hello Pedro,

I’ve been following you for a long time on social media and I love all the work you do for third parties. At this moment I am creating a document where different referents in the field of vegetarian cuisine contribute their vision on a specific question that people often ask me when they find out that I am a vegetarian. “Why are you a vegetarian?” I have also been in contact with Pilar Plátano, Verónica Verdura, Fran Fruta and Roberto Remolacha. It would be great to be able to tell your story. 2-3 lines would be more than enough. If you want to write more there would obviously be no problems. I would like to publish the post on my blog in 1 month and later I would like to turn it into an e-book for subscribers.Norway Phone Number List

Please let me know if I can count on you. I would love for you to participate in this. All the best Carlos Why this type of email can work for you The email you just saw I did not make up out of nowhere. It’s a type of template that I get a lot lately. I tend to respond positively to them for various reasons. The effort is reasonable : time is worth money but writing 2-3 lines is not complicated and does not take much time. Connection with the reader : I am aware that not everyone who says they follow my blog really does, but sometimes I like to believe it. Yes, I am that weak. If you tell someone that you like their job to begin with, they will not dislike you.
You are the one with whom you interact online : if you mention who else you have contacted, you increase the value of participation. You are who you interact with online . In addition, the blogger could intuit that if there are known people there will be a greater dissemination of the content so the visibility of the contribution itself increases.

A term with margin : having margin in the creation of the content increases the chances of participation. Although it is not a lot of work but the delivery is short term, it is still rejected so as not to have more stress than one already has. Well, I hope that this “template” together with the brief tips can help you to achieve content in which people contribute who will also be reinforcement when it comes to disseminating it. It is important to mention Taiwan Database that you will use it as an e-book but that there will be a first step by publishing it as a post. If it only serves to attract subscribers, your chances will go down a lot, because the potential for dissemination will be greatly reduced. One last thing. You can put many things in the concept but avoid using “Collaboration”. In many cases, it is often a synonym for “work for me for free” that can end up in the inbox without being read. It may be better to use something like “I’m interested in what you think about this …” or something similar.

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