How to write (something imperfect)

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How to write (something imperfect)

There is something called a writer’s block. With these simple rules you can escape from that trap.
It’s funny that just the day I watch a video about writer’s block, it happens to me. I take the opportunity to apply the advice I just heard. Let’s see how I’m doing …write Dubai Phone Number List Stock photo rights The writer´s block or writer’s block is the temporary inability to put ideas, thoughts or stories into words . The white sheet paralyzes you and the words do not come out. Analyzing my own writer’s block In my case I am taking advantage of Sunday in Germany without family to advance a content of the week. After half an hour procrastinating on homework, I have finally written my first paragraphs. My “problem” can be analyzed as follows:

On Sundays I don’t usually write because I already have the posts scheduled. My head tells me “nothing happens if you don’t do anything today” and it prevents me from drawing the energy to shape the content.
“I don’t have a good idea” worth an entry. It is the most common excuse among writers. You cannot be your own judge, take the risk that what does not convince you too much will have a good acceptance by your readers.
The more time passes, the more frustrated and overwhelmed you are by unused time. It is a vicious cycle that sometimes ends in abandonment of the task and more frustration. Applying my own advice One of the main problems we writers have is not living up to our own expectations. We are our worst critic who sometimes turns into a troll.Dubai Phone number List

One of the things that has helped me over the past 9 years is giving up trying to create perfect content . Better to do than polish. In this time I have been able to generate about 3,000 imperfect entries. I don’t care about pristine spelling, good style, or laying the foundation for the Nobel Prize. What matters to me is leaving a trace of what I have been doing and thinking for almost a decade.
I summarize the best tips that I have taken from the video this morning. Write something. A paragraph, a sentence or a word. The important thing is to “spot the target” and take a first step. Find a thought that puts you in aggressive mode. Bring out the “beast” from within you. Sometimes it is something that I also find that works very well for me.
Don’t look for perfection. Here I obviously couldn’t agree more Taiwan Database . It’s what has worked best for me in the past.
It is more important to be certain of how to move forward a little each day than to leave to chance a leap that you could take on an “enlightened” day. It may take you 30 days to write a post, but if you take a small step every day, you know that it is a matter of time before you arrive. Next time, you are already able to do it in 2 weeks and little by little you go from good to better.
There are no secrets in anything. In the end it all comes down to a formula. Take the first step and don’t stop. Sooner or later you will arrive. I’ll keep telling you.

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