I can not help you

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I can not help you

Do you frequently receive requests from your readers? Many will not like it too much but this is my point of view on the matter.
“Hello. I want to start a blog. Can you help me?” These types of questions I tend to receive more frequently lately. Thanks to the latest Google change it seems that I am getting a wave of new visitors (thanks Google by the way). Many of them with a beginner profile or below. without China Phone Number List photo rights This may sound a bit bad right now but I’m really sorry. “I can not help you”. But I can explain it: I have written over 1800 posts in the last 6 years. More than one will be useful and will answer your questions. His thing is to start looking. Topics that I have not covered can be easily answered by googling. Luckily there are many people much more involved in the subject than me who share extraordinary content.
My time is worth as much as yours. If you are not willing to do the work during, no one will do it for you. This is so.
You may be very motivated with this blogging thing but what you rather need is discipline.
Those of us who are dedicated to sharing knowledge do so in a delighted way. Don’t blame us if we also earn money from it by recommending affiliate products or promoting our own offers. The important thing is that it adds value and is transparent . Greece Phone Number List

Money is no longer my main motivation because without a doubt it is an incredible rush when someone writes to you thanking you for the help you are giving them. I would like to be able to prioritize individual consultations . At the moment I have to settle Taiwan Database for writing posts to be able to resolve doubts in a broad way.If you have a blog this type of request surely sounds familiar to you. You already have a post that you can send in response. That way you don’t have to be the bad guy (or the bad guy) of the movie. It does not matter to assume that role …;)

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