I give you an idea – a blog for eternity

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I give you an idea – a blog for eternity

We continue with the series of curious, creative and / or absurd business ideas. Today I bring you a way to earn money related to a somewhat delicate subject. Just writing yesterday’s post, this idea came to me. In this I commented on what blogging gave me today and how it had evolved since I started with my first blog. eternity Mexico Phone Number List photo rights Problems keeping a blog alive if the owner is not there I like the idea that my blog continues to be available to everyone even though I am no longer here. But of course, several doubts immediately arise. Who will manage the blog community?
Who pays for hosting and domain renewal?
Who contacts support when offline?
Who updates the different versions?
There are endless questions. It is certainly not something that I want to impose as an obligation on my loved ones to have a brown on them for the rest of their life. Always assuming that this blogging does not bring them the same as me. A service that takes care of your blog when you can no longer There are more and more people who have a blog. I have not found an exact data but if it is true that there are more than 300 million Tumblr accounts (another popular blogging platform alongside WordPress and Blogger), it could be estimated that the figure should be between 600-900 million blogs in all the world (taking the sum of all CMS: Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress, Typepad, Joomla, etc.). It is very likely that you are not the only person who has thought about this topic at some point. The idea is very simple. Why not offer a blog management service once we are gone? In this way we could leave with peace of mind knowing that our “legacy” will survive (or at least for as long as the company is active).

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I honestly have no idea what could be charged for it. You would have to do a market test to see what a potential client would be willing to pay for it. In my case, I would be willing to spend 1,000-2,000 euros, something that inspires confidence and is capable of offering this service. I doubt that this figure is representative for many people. Your target must be bloggers like me who have invested years of work in their blog. Otherwise they will not be willing to spend a single penny and will prefer to bury the blog together with them in the grave.

PS: right at the end of the post I looked for a page that I remembered that allowed you to keep control of your profiles on social networks when you are no longer there. It turns out that they also take care of your blog . The web is called Taiwan Database. The problem seems solved although the web does not inspire me much confidence so I still see potential to start it and do it better .

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