I give you an idea – freemium blogger consulting based on the quality of the response

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I give you an idea – freemium blogger consulting based on the quality of the response

If your blog is taking off, you are surely spending more and more time with your readers. This post gives you an idea to get the most out of it. Do you want to get more profitability from blogging? Well, there are two of us. If you have started to increase in visits, surely you have noticed that you are beginning to receive more and more emails from readers. That’s great, it means that they perceive you as someone who can add value to them. query payment Belize Phone Number List photo rights Less and less time to answer readers’ questions on time The downside is that this part of success means that you have to invest more and more time in serving the community. I am delighted to do so although it is true that the average response time is between 7-21 days and in some cases even longer. It is something that bloggers do for free and it is impossible to measure the ROI that this work can generate . You do it more for online karma issues than anything else.

Well, let’s get to the point of the idea. Those of us who live off the internet apart from things we do without charging we also have paid activities (who would have thought it). Therefore the priorities are clear (at least for me). Paying customers come first, and then everyone else . Business idea . pay per consultation The thing would be a bit different if some of the consultations were paid. And this is where the idea comes from. Probably 90% of the people who contact us by email would not be willing to pay to receive an answer but I suspect that there is a part that would . For them it can be a matter of urgency (receiving a quick response) and of the quality of response (receiving a detailed explanation). You would be surprised by the diversity and complexity of the doubts that come to my table. The answer cannot go in 3 lines because it requires touching the subject in greater depth. Unfortunately I cannot treat each query in such detail. If I see that the topic may be of interest, I do it in post format to generate synergies of the matter .Belize Phone Number List

How much do you want to earn per hour? Think about the time it may take you to give a detailed response in 24 hours. Another alternative could be an hour on Skype. In this way the blogger gets more profitability and the person who requires a more advanced service receives it within the Taiwan Database  they need.

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