I have a domain that is about to expire – what do I do now?

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I have a domain that is about to expire – what do I do now?

Do you have one or more domains about to expire and you are not sure if it makes sense to renew it? Likewise, this post gives you some clues to make a decision. You are not alone if you have received an email from the company where you register your domains indicating that the name of one of your supposed star projects is Turkey Phone Number List about to expire. Now the question is. What do I do? To renew again so that I spent another year without being serious about the subject or letting it expire, considering a possible gold mine lost.
What is clear is that you cannot do everything at the same time. We must go step by step. The question is. How to take advantage of an existing domain? 1 How to calculate the possible ROI of an affiliate project 2 Resell in the domain on platforms for buying and selling domains 3 Increase value by turning it into a project How to calculate the possible ROI of an affiliate project
Most of the domains that an average webmaster registers serve to set up a niche. There is an ultra-fast way to estimate the possible ROI of an affiliate project .

In most cases you will realize that only by being very optimistic can you justify investing more time in the project than you are dedicating today. Many wonder how little a website earns with 100,000 page views per month . Resell in the domain in platforms for buying and selling domains Investing in the domain seemed like a good idea at the time . Now the time has come to resell it. From my point of view, the most active platform in Europe is Sedo, the downside is that you have to have a little patience. In many cases, you will not find a buyer if you do not proactively offer it to potential buyers. Increase value by turning it into a project Sometimes the first steps have already been taken to set up the niche. If you even already have some traffic you can calculate a sale price of the blog (in case you have set it up with WordPress).Turkey Phone Number List

You can even increase the value of a domain from 0 to 100 euros (or more) by setting up the platform, setting up a template and publishing some posts within it. That way a future owner saves those initial steps and you sell him in a very visual way what you had in mind. Sometimes we are not able to give up something that has already cost us money (even if it is “only” the 5-10 euros of registration). Many times you have to make the decision coldly Taiwan Database to abandon and let a domain expire in order to focus on those activities that really provide the greatest short and long-term benefit.

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