If this happens, the raking drop is abrupt .

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If this happens, the raking drop is abrupt .

However, using the most ethical methods for SEO White hat positioningof the pages ensures that the position achieved is lasting , even when there are changes or reforms in Google’s algorithms. Performance: The White hat techniques, managegenerate organic traffic of the highest quality , which in turn means, the rise of all indicators Digital Marketing (generating leads , conversions, etc.). In addition to this, they also guarantee that the investment will not be lost if Google penalizes. Growing fame of ‘white hat’ SEO You could say that SEO positioning is a race measured by points. If nothing is done, it does not advance, but neither does it go backwards. Each SEO action that is put into action will make progress and even finish ahead of the competition. If it stops, it will not continue to advance, running the risk that the competition will continue china phone number free and end up better positioned. Now, like everything in life, there are ways to go faster. The Black hat are a set of techniques that can help to position a website faster, there is no doubt about it. But it should be noted that Google is not stupid or new to these issues; has certain people in charge of reading blogs regarding Black hat and seeing what strategies are coming to market. If any new form of SERP manipulation is detected , sooner or later an update of Google’s algorithms is carried out to eliminate these practices completely.

After this, penalties and regrets will come. It is for this reason that the good use of SEO is always important. You have to have a lot of ethics and responsibility when applying the different strategies to be able to position a website. In the long term, all this will always be convenient, since we can save penalties and many bad times. Relevance of the White hat in SEO Keep in mind that not many SEOs are really limited to the area of White hat SEO , since the options that this gives can be limited. Most of these professionals usually work in the gray area or Gray hat SEO . The Gray hat techniques include methods of the White hat, but taking it to its limit, reaching the area of ​​the Black hat . Pure black hat methods such as camouflage, spam and the front page are dispensed with , but they can, for example, create unnatural links through some not very conspicuous methods. It must be borne in mind that the White hat SEO, in the long term, is the only way to remain in the ranking in a solid and consistent way . For this reason, companies that tend to have a very important SERP presence must rely solely and exclusively on White hat SEO methods so as not to end up losing their business base overnight. In conclusion, White hat SEO is totally ethical .

It is a type of SEO positioning that can not be objected to and that manages to promote positive ranking in a search engine. It can be done by building organic links , that is, through different natural links to other websites. Always keep in mind that natural link building is generated mainly through useful and quality content for the user. Thanks to which popularity and recognition of the content creator will be granted. It is worth reiterating that the use of Taiwan Database White hat SEO is the only option to apply SEO to a website in the long term . It may not give you solutions or positioning as fast as you would like, but in the long term it will generate better results than expected. Thus, White hat SEO would be the answer to the question: How to position your web page in the first places of Google ? That we launched in its day on our blog.

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