If you still have doubts about the differences between SEO and SEM

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If you still have doubts about the differences between SEO and SEM

Take a look at the comparison between SEO and SEM that we have on our blog. Advantages of Search Engine Marketing ( SEM ) Having explained a bit the topic of the differences between SEO and SEM , it is time to return to our main topic. Now is the time to talk about the advantages that Search Engine Marketing brings. Highly measurable: Thanks to tools such as Google Ads, highly detailed reports can be obtained that speak about the progress and evolution of a campaign. So you can know at any time what is happening with the ads. In addition, you can also take advantage of the Google Analytics integration, to be able to have everything perfectly controlled. Real-time monitoring: The analytical interface itself allows you to see what is happening at any latest chinese mobile time and thus correct the course at the moment if the expected results are not obtained. One payment for each click: Thanks to this, you will only pay if you get results. You can control at all times the maximum daily budget that you are willing to invest. As well as the maximum cost for each click that can be paid . In this way, it is ensured that the campaign is profitable in all cases. Speed: With respect to other existing techniques such as SEO positioningor Content Marketing , advertising in search engines allows you to achieve fast results and on a larger scale. Within everyone’s reach: The SEM strategyis functional for both large companies and SMEs, since the budget investment is fully scalable . Everyone is fighting for a level playing field in the fight to reach the top spots for keywords. Segmentation: Last but not least, it is the great possibility of segmentation that the SEM has. By targeting keywords, you will be able to reach an audience that is actively interested in the brand that is applying the strategy.

In addition, it can be filtered by other factors such as location, language or behavior. Basic concepts for creating an SEM Strategy Finally, we are going to talk about the basic concepts necessary for the mobilization in the world of advertising in the different search engines. Since the most famous and used is Google, we will then talk about the terms that are used in Google Ads. Keyword or Key Word : TheKeywordsare the most important, or ‘the mother of the lamb’. They are the foundation on which all search engine marketing is based. In short, they are thewords or phrases that will make your ad appear among users. Text Ad: It is the standard type of ad that is usually shown in search engines. They usually always have a title, two lines of text, and a link that can be customized. Ad group: These are sets of keywords and ads. In turn, these are usually grouped into campaigns in which, you can define the daily budget and the locations where these ads will appear.

Impressions : It is the number of times an ad has been shown. Clicks: Refers to the number of times an ad has been clicked. CTR : It is the percentage ofImpressionsthat a click generates. CPC: It is the average cost per click. A maximum CPC can be set to ensure that you are not over budget. We always recommend the use of SEM positioning , since with it very good results can be achieved in terms of customer gain . This strategy has a lot to offer and has a far greater Taiwan Database scope than anything you can imagine at first glance. No doubt the positioning SEM ( Search Engine Marketing ) increase the authority of a brand or company in the search engine of any browser. Don’t keep waiting to use the SEM , contact us and start winning organic customers! Until next time!

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