If you want to export in JPG, you should think about the following: Quality bar

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If you want to export in JPG, you should think about the following: Quality bar

This bar ranges from 0 to 100, with 0 being the maximum compression and 100 being the null compression, in other words, maximum quality. ‘Progressive’ option: If you press this option, the JPG will be saved with different layers at different qualities. In this way, when it is uploaded to the server, the image will be seen in low quality and its definition will improve as it is loaded. If not, the image will instantly appear in high quality. If you want to cameroon cell phone export in PNG, you should think about the following: PNG-8 and PNG-24: These differ because PNG-8 is compressed to a maximum of 256 colors, like a GIF does. While PNG-24 reaches 16 million colors. The latter is often used. Transparency: This point hardly needs to be explained, but if you activate it, the background of the image will be transparent, as long as there is no solid layer in the Photoshop background. Option ‘interlaced’: This is very similar to the ‘progressive’ option of the JPG format. Refers to the type of load. It will depend directly on our preferences and the capabilities of the browser where the image will be loaded.

There are tons of other options in Photoshop’s ‘save for web’ panel. Although, in the vast majority of cases these that we mentioned will be used. Apart from Photoshop, there are other programs that will help you optimize images for the web by significantly reducing their weight, compressing and eliminating metadata and other options. Among our recommendations we can talk about TRIOT for PC or Image Optim for MAC. Programs and plugins for image optimization Plugins: If you work with WordPress, fortunately you can have some plugins to do some of the optimization work automatically . As you load the images, these plugins will be in charge of optimizing them. As well as it can, it will compress or enhance the images that have been previously uploaded. Next, we will show some of the most prominent plugins to format images and achieve better performance. Short Pixel Image Optimizer. Optimole. EWWW Image Optimizer Cloud. WP Smush. TinyPNG. ImageRecycle. Programs: There are a large number of programs and tools to optimize images, both free and paid.

Some of them provide you with the tools to perform your own optimizations and others get to do the work for the user. In this short list, we leave some of the most used programs for optimizing images for the web: Adobe Photoshop. Paint.NET Gimp. JPEGGtran. GIFsicle. OptiPNG. FileOptimizer. ImageOptim. Trimage. Conclution As you may have noticed, image compression goes beyond saving the time of uploading said image to your website . It can bring as many benefits as you want, even being able to help you achieve a good positioning for your website. Such is the importance of image optimization that this is one of the elements Taiwan Database that is taken into account when doing a web audit . Image optimization is not a particularly difficult task. Thanks to the number of existing programs, it can be very simple. You just need to have some practice in the software you use. You can optimize images for the web yourself in the blink of an eye.

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